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One question many people look at when studying desert regions is how do people adapt to living there. The two main adaptations people have made are they become nomadic herders and they use specific types of crop planting. The reason people have become nomadic herders is because meat is a source of many foods and because if the herders stay in one good location, they will overgraze, over eat and ruin the good land forever. Overgrazing will ruin all good land, and will only promote desertification. The other key adaptation is people plant cash crops using methods that trap the very few water in place during, before, after droughts and when flash floods come, a dam is in place to stop it from washing the crops away. These methods and adaptations are key to living in a desert region because food is an essential part of life everyone needs. This can also get much surplus with trading opportunities.

These people are herding a large group of cows and camels.

There are centrifugal forces in the Eu and Europe. One force is that there are over 20 languages in Europe which makes communicating and trading harder. If the Eu made a document they would have to translate to 20 different languages and print more than they would have to. At meeting translators would be everywhere telling everybody what one person said. Another centrifugal force is the wealth difference between the east and the west. In the west it cost more to live because it is wealthier and in the east it cost less to live because it is poorer. That's when businesses suggest that if all the factories are moved to the east then they don't have to pay workers as much as in the west. Then the western people get mad at the easterners for stealing factory jobs. These are some reasons why there are centrifugal forces that divide supranational countries and organizations.

This flag represents each country in the EU with one star for every country.

What is the most efficient form of government

Representative democracy is the most effective form of of government for many reasons. In this type of democracy (representative) people elect representatives to act and make choices on the citizens behalf. These electives are more educated than the average joe and have a good understanding of what to do in situations that others wouldn't know what to do. The representatives are necessary because not everyone has the time to vote for each little thing. The other part of representative democracy is that it's a democracy. Everybody can participate in a democracy and the power is separated equally to everyone. The society makes up the majority of the government because everybody can suggest opinions and there is not just one person in charge. Representative democracy is the best form of government

These people are voting for the the two elects Donald trump and Hilary Clinton , this a democracy and everyone can put in their opinion. Hilary and trump are representatives and is running for president.

What makes a good citizen?

A citizen is a registered person part of the society in a country that have rights and responsibilities. Citizens have rights such as the right bear arms, freedom of speech, freedom to petition, to vote and freedom of movement. Rights are created by the society and what the people want. The government and laws do not create rights. Citizens have responsibilities as well. These responsibilities can be paying tax, going to jury duty and to tolerate others. Sometimes your responsibilities and rights as a citizen collide. Say a citizen went to the movie theatre to see a movie. If he/she was confused he/she would be allowed to ask a question because he/she would be exercising his/her freedom of speech. The rules of the movie theatre say that at no point during the movie can you talk. He/she would have to obey the theatres rules because he/she is on the theatres property.

These kids need to say that they are committed to being a good and loyal citizen.

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