Revolution In Technology By, Gianelli squatrito

Past: The industrial revolution


Embargo Act of 1807, Britain's navy asked for Americans and their cargo to help with their war.
Native Americans continuously fought with the Americans because the Americans expanded their land.
In the Cottage Industry, many of the population is making its living off the land.

Technological developments

Inbetween 1775 and 1908, the Industrial Revolution brought technological advances such as transportation. (Train, steam engines, etc)

Positive effects on society

A positive effects of the Industrial Revolution were the improvements in manufacturing.
The industrial Revolution helped the clothing ship goods more efficiently, because trains helped move goods and other machines throughout the entire distribution process.
Improvements to production and sorting out meant that businesses were able to grow and gain more knowledge

Negative effects on society

All types of work were harmful and hazardous to health. Some had a greater chance to catch something bad.
working conditions of the working class weren't the best during the industrial revolution.
Many didn't get the right nutrition they needed because they weren't able to afford it.
Present: the digital revolution
Relatively powerless homeowners with very little money
Newer technology such as cell phones with touch screens
the 1980s is where this all began and is still going on now

Technological Developments

two great innovations: a computer and the Internet. Apple the product and a app, safari
cars are more economical and fuel efficient. The Tesla is only electric

Positive effects on society

Food cost more than half of your income back then. Today it’s less than 10 percent.
Women are set up to grow in a digital economy. Back then, most women were house wives
Today students in schools are starting to use iPads to do class work.

Negative effects on society

People today are distracted because of their cell phones
If people want to know something they just look it up, so they don't have to do anything old fashioned
Because of the technology we have today there is a new type of bullying, cyber bullying
Future: the rushed revolution
Advancement in technology use
Helpful robots
Better health

Technological Developments

Cars become bigger, faster, and better in some way
Magical pills that that can cure anything

Positive effects on society

Old people live longer because the magic pills
A cure for cancer was found because of the pills
more and new memories are ready to be found

Negative effects on society

technology could take over the world
global warming occurs
the price of everyday items keep rising


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