Holden Blog By: Thomas Geier

Boy just thinking of Trump as our president makes me sick. All of the goddamn old people voted for him because they don't know right from wrong. Voting for a guy that claims he will make America great again, but the only way that could happen would not have him as president.

Trump is just a phony running for president because he wants to have power and does not care about the people. Politics is so goddamn stupid anyways, why vote for a person that I don't know, don't like, and will never meet. The only reason why Trump won is because he bought all his votes with all his goddamn money. For Christ sake who would vote for a old guy that wants to build a wall between the United sates and Mexico and make Mexico pay for it. If people want to live a better life in the United States let them do not tell them they cant.

Also who wants a President that makes fun of people that have disabilities. This is outrageous that people would vote for a old guy like him. Trump cant even talk about what hes going to do better for the people of the United States on his campaign but he can make fun of a disabled journalist.

Blowing my mind that people wanted Trump as president, a guy that wants to kick out Muslims and wants to block airlines that go from the United States to the Middle East. This phony is scared that the Muslims that live in America today are going to do something bad to Americans. He is going to ruin many families and cause more violence and protesting because nobody wants this to happen. We should kick Donald Trump out of Presidency and maybe that will make America great again.


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