Suicide Charles Vaughn

You ever seen or been bullied and you just think you could end it all that very day? Well have you? Maybe or maybe not, but I want you to realize that there are people who think like that every day. It's not like they choose to think like that. Suicide, it can effect everyone in this world. The media will make jokes about it or not talk about it in a whole or even so, television shows trying to put a stop to it. People make jokes about suicide on there social media. Once someone does off them self, every one starts to care or act like they do. There are many reason that leads to a person to kill them self: bullied, a death in the family member, break ups, or some other terrible tragedies.

Let me show you something; just imagine a freshman kid in high school is on their Twitter and they post a saying that they are going to kill them self. No one ever tells this person not to and they actually say that he didn't have the balls to, you're weak, you can't even get close to a knife with out being afraid. Everyone just takes it as a joke. The very next day this kid is on the news and they're saying that this person, this human, killed them self. Then the news media says "they left a note not saying who, but they couldn't take the bullying any more." They were just a freshman in high school they had their whole life ahead of them. Yet they make the decision to take their own life, because they think that pain is always going to be following them and that there will be no exit from this pain.

a kid in depression

Now I want you to know I am not saying that those who kill them self were in the right to do it or that it was their only choice. Or that it was the only answer that they saw and they just needed to dig to find another. I say that there is only one reason to commit suicide and that is if you are in pain from a fatal illness and that there is no way to save you from it. Just because I don't agree with killing yourself does not mean I can't understand why you would think that could be the only answer. Believe it or not but there were times in my life where I would choke my self to stop everything from my anxiety to my ADHA. There where times that I couldn't make it stop until I would do that. some people would cut them self's, well I would choke my self. This is not something i just go around talking about to people I just meet. I know from experience that people will cut them self just to deal with pain. The ones that do cut, say they try not to kill them self because that is for the weak.

Now we all have had to do somethings where we have to go to a doctor's appointment, work, or the grocery store. "The creator of anything is going to be bashed" said T-Pain. Whenever I hear this, I think about the creator of anything and you know what I think about? How they all got bashed. Creators likes William Shakespeare, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and one of the best creators that is currently getting bashed, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Now you will either say, "who is that" or saying "oh yeah them!" Well those are the men, the people who made Netflix. You might be asking, why are they getting based? Well they make movies and TV shows or allow them to be made. There is only one real show that has put them into the media. This show is related to this paper and has people making bias opinions an jokes.

"13 reasons why" this show has gotten a lot of hate and love from them trying to say that even if somebody looks okay that it doesn't mean they are. This show tries to send a message about that we as high school students and people we should treat each other like humans beings and not like trash. The character Clay says in the show on the 13th episode. Now some may say that it was just a show and there was nothing else to it. In deed this is a show with a great plot, but also there is a theme. Now anybody can make a P.S.A. that doesn't mean everybody will look at it. Some will not see the real message, some will watch this show and get there own message, but the only message is what the writer and director allow.

As we can see the world but mostly the media is a very bias place about suicide the media takes it as a joke. When someone actually does it the media acts like they had been carrying the whole time. And when somebody who creates something to help her


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