Marketing Plan Summary

Spark Yoga is built on the mission of offering a spiritually inspired yoga practice to practitioners of all levels. Spark Yoga does not aim to push yogis wildly outside of their comfort zone, but rather create a safe space upon which to build a community. Our approach, which emphasizes strengthening, mindfulness, and good health promotion, encourages dedication to the practice and longevity of health..

Spark Yoga's marketing plan is geared building a connection with students when they are away from the studio. Building a strong online presence, a virtually community, and outreach opportunities are at the forefront of this plan. These factors will help us know how to best provide what our clientele wants and needs, and start to grow the network that is Spark Yoga.

Spark Yoga's goal is to turn infrequent clients into loyal clients by establishing a community where people can call Spark Yoga "home."

Marketing Objectives

  • Generate a 10% yearly increase in sales.
  • Increase market penetration every quarter.
  • Continue to cultivate Spark Yoga's image as the premier long-term wellness program provider.

Financial Objectives

  • Decrease customer acquisition costs by 4% every two quarters.
  • Create new revenue streams from retreats and trainings.
  • Transition from contractor to part or full time employee status for all teachers.

Target Markets

  • All community members in the Spark Hills Region
  • Fitness teachers, trainers, and gurus in the city and surrounding suburbs
  • Disabled or disadvantaged students who are eligible for mixed abilities and community classes


Spark Yoga will position itself as the most effective wellness strategy and program developer. This positioning will be supported by statistics indicating an increase in productivity and a general wellness from client feedback.


Spark Yoga looks forward to their new marketing team jumping on board with analytics efforts and feedback. Furthermore, teachers will be informed of community-building goals with training sessions and opportunities to reach out to students. Students who are both registered and not registered with Spark Yoga, will be invited to practice during community classes to let locals know the doors of Spark Yoga are always open for those looking to find inner peace.