A Most Important Meal 2019

Submissions for this project included open interpretations of the following prompts:

  • A short letter to someone you would like to have breakfast with, but cannot for some reason (can be specifically addressed, or kept anonymous).
  • A piece of tableware or cutlery from your kitchen table or house: cups, forks, plates, bowls, mugs, etc. (this can be of any material).
  • A piece of mail that has found its way to your kitchen/breakfast table (if you wish for sensitive information to be removed, either do this physically with marker, or make note of this below).
  • A short letter to yourself or another, declaring your favorite breakfast.
  • A short letter to yourself or another, describing a favorite breakfast you have had before. - A receipt from a breakfast purchased.
  • A physical photo of a breakfast.
  • Another archival remnant of your own experience with breakfast that you feel is in the spirit of this project.

All of the materials were then processed into a tile form, and included in a large installation in a now-uninhabitable home lovingly named, Laurel.

Thanks to the following artists and collaborators who helped make this work possible:


Daniel Beck


Kristen Cherry


Beverly A

Sara Beth Post

Stacey Lane

Kento Saisho

Marianna Popp

Annie Evelyn

Erin McCue

Olivia Caro

Hanna Leatherman

Amanda Hollomon-Cook

Susan McDaniel

Liz Schaller

Jana Herman


Holly Tincher



Avery Newton

Julie Cantwell



Laurie White

Mary Clore

Alex P


Sarah Rose Lejuene

Sadie C

Created By
L Autumn Gnadinger

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