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Mental Health Booster - Wednesday, January 20 - Survey will be sent out on Grade Level Google Classrooms.

Seniors: Cap/Gown Order

Juniors: Class Ring Order

Crimson Hour Day - Enrichment Activities - Wednesday, January 27. We will also be providing some Martin Luther King presentations.

YPAS Percussion Ensemble Performance

Mental Health Tip: Winter Blues and Seasonal Sadness

During the winter months, some of us may experience the “winter blues” – feeling sad from shortening days, climbing into bed earlier and resenting waking up on dark mornings.

That’s different from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a term used to describe a type of depression that follows a seasonal pattern.

The most common form of SAD occurs in winter, although some people do experience symptoms during spring and summer. And while SAD is often talked about in terms of adults, children and adolescents are not necessarily immune.

When experiencing SAD, a person may:  (1) Withdraw socially and no longer enjoy things that used to be fun. It's as if a person's batteries have just run down; (2) Crave comfort foods, including simple carbs such as pasta, breads, and sugar. With excess unhealthy calories and a lack of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, fatigue often sets in, leading to increased sleepiness and weight gain; and (3) Feel anxious, irritable, have trouble sleeping, or decreased appetite. These symptoms are more common with the spring/summer form of SAD.

Several effective treatments can help ease the symptoms of SAD, including: (1) Opening the window shades in your home. Simply bringing more sunlight into your life can treat mild cases; (2) Spending time outdoors every day, even on cloudy days; (3) Exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet, one low in carbohydrates and high in vegetables, fruit, and whole grains; (4) Using a "dawn simulator," which gradually turns on the bedroom light, tricking the body into thinking it's an earlier sunrise; and (5) Planning a mid-winter family vacation to a sunny climate.

Working through it together: If you are experiencing symptoms of SAD , take it seriously. Treating this disorder early and diligently can turn the dark days of winter into a pleasant time of togetherness for your family and friends.

Information from this article was retrieved from an article linked here.

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