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Hi I am Chinatsu from Japan. I like eating sushi so much.

assignment 1 : E-portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Eye make-up

Our group will show you how to do eye make-up. We use eye's picture and make it up by using real cosmetic !!

Group Picture

Exercise 2: Viral Content

Japan is one of the most strict countries for using and proceeding drugs.

Japan is one of the most strict countries for using or having drug. It is completely different rules of drug from your country, so some foreign celebrities had experiences that could not enter to Japan because of Japanese law. If you have to bring some medical drug when you travel Japan, must read this article so that help you to understand Japanese medical policy.This article will introduce you to basic knowledge regarding drug in Japan.

What kind of drugs are prohibited in Japan?? Drugs help to keep our health good when you use it correctly. However, using drug not for medical reason is strictly prohibited. As famous drugs, Heroin, Marijuana, MDMA, LSD and Opium are prohibited in Japan. If you allows to buy over the counter medicines especially which comprise stimulants in foreign countries, it may turn to be illegal in Japan.

How strict?? If you are having, giving, and receiving drugs, it will be imprisonment under 5 years. Also if it for exports or imports, it gonna be under 7 years commitment. In addition, if both cases are for making profits, it will be in under 7 years imprisonment and 2 million dollars penalty will be added on serious case. In addition, if you arrests by using drug, you will expel from society. For example, it is hard to go to school, find work, continue usual life.

Why so strict?? Back to in 1840, China began war against UK. However, they was defeated because UK brought many opiums to China. From this accident, Japanese people started to make zero tolerance drug laws to have distances from drug. Thanks to this law, Japanese could protect their country from expanding drug. In Japan, when people are student, a medical doctor comes and explains about how dangerous drug is. During a lecture, we are supporsed to watch video about influence of drug such as drug user often see illusion and even worse die. Therefore, we tend to know it is dangerous in our childhood. That’s is why Japanese is at the low percentage of having or using drugs.

Some celebrities had troubles when they entered to Japan In 2010, one of the famous cereblities, Paris Hilton could not enter to Japan, because of her record. Also, in 1973, Mick Jagger who is a member of the Rolling Stones had same experience for same reasons.Moreover, In 1980, Paul McCartney arrested for having Marijuana at Narita airport and his concert was all cancelled. Once you have record, can not enter to Japan for 5 or 10 years or even forever depends on a record.

Advice when you have to bring medication Japanese law is completely different from your country. Therefore, If you have to bring medication to Japan, it is better to discuss with your doctor whether you can bring it or not. If can, you have to bring doctor report and explanation of drugs. You cannot say do not know this rule because Japanese police will never accept your excuse.

URL for article

URL for images

Exercise 3:Infographic

My theme is what happens if mother use drug while pregnant. To catch reader's attention, use the picture of kangaroo parent and child. Also, I make it simple because readers can understand this topic easily.

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Our group creates Burger King's app. The purpose is to promoto Burger King in Malaysia and let users know about useful Information of Burger King.

This is a home page of this app. There are six categories on there.
This is a menu page.
When you click burgers page, you can see many kinds of burgers.
This is a about us page. From this page, you can know basic history of Burger King.
This is a Face Book page. You can get newest information from here.
Here is a contact page. You can know phone number, email address, website, location of office.
This is a set value page.
This is a gallery page and you can post some favourite photos of Burger King.

assignment 2 : Video

The Cosmopolite pot

Hi guys and welcome to "The Cosmopolite Pot"! We are seven food enthusiasts with different nationalities, a multicultural mix from Europe to Asia. We can't wait to introduce you to our national cuisines and share some cultural background stories with you. We came up with the idea for this page as we all love to travel, experience different cultures and -last but not least- we all love food!! Our video will show you guys some of the most popular dishes of each country, so stay tuned and enjoy our delicious content......

Mind Map
Mood Board
Story Board
Script 1
Script 2
Script 3
Group Photo

Assignment 3: Chat Stickers

(1) Sleepy

He falls asleep but wakes up when his stick falls down.

(2) Happy

Her face turns to smile.

(3) Sad

His tears trickles down and it will become real rain drops.

(4) Working

She wants dead-sunflower to be alive and she can do it.

(5) angry

She gradually becomes bigger to express her irritation. Also, her ribon flies away because she is really angry.

(6) confused

He raises his hands to show his confusion and gradually his face expression changes.

Check out my chat stickers from

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Chinatsu Shigeyama


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