Does windows mouse speed affect gaming experience Take a look now

Does windows mouse speed affect the gaming experience? The straightaway answer is yes! Your Windows mouse speed does affect your gaming experience a great deal. Gaming or online gaming is all about the game’s interface and your playing device. If it is your mouse that you are playing the game with, it would represent your speed in the game. So, before entering the game zone, you need to check your windows mouse speed. A slow mouse speed can block you from bringing out your full potential in the game. You can check your own mouse clicking speed at Clicks Test. Make sure that your CPS exceeds 10.

How to change a Windows mouse speed?

The first thing you need to do before beginning your online gaming is to change your Windows mouse settings. You get to change your mouse property settings in the control panel.

Mouse speed

As you enter the mouse property setting option, tap on the pointer option. Then have a look at the motion category. The ideal mouse speed (pointer speed) is at the 6th notch, i.e, 6/11. You can increase or decrease the speed likewise.

Ponter Precision

The next most important factor is pointer precision. Uncheck the Enhance Pointer Precision option which comes checked by default. This is extremely important for gaming.

Mouse Acceleration

The pointer enhancing option is nothing but the Windows’ name for mouse acceleration. You don’t need your cursor to move ahead of your desired distance, do you? If you uncheck the Enhance Pointer Precision option, you will make sure that the cursor moves as much you move the mouse. That is, 10 cm on the mouse if 10 cm on the cursor as well. Having this consistency is highly crucial in gaming. Mouse acceleration is not advised for gaming because it hampers your gaming precision. With mouse acceleration, you would have to move the mouse lesser than a threshold that moves your cursor to a certain distance. It is as if you are applying an emergency brake to a car. It leads to compromise in the attention you need to put into your gaming. You simply have to play your own game of stopping the mouse at the right time to match the needed distance, in the midst of a gaming tournament.

Change Your DPI

Once you are done with changing the mouse settings, you can now try to turn your mouse speed to a comfortable zone. The best way to do so is to adjust your DPI (dots per inch). In a 2D setting, one dot is translated to one pixel. So, in simple language, DPI stands for the number of pixels that your cursor will cover for the 1-inch movement of your mouse. A higher DPI makes your cursor move faster.

There isn’t an ideal DPI setting. It depends on your physical dexterity, monitor resolution, and some more. With constant practice, you can get acquainted with a certain DPI, and that would be your ideal DPI or speed.

Final Words

Now you have a good idea about how your Windows mouse speed can affect your gaming. Change your settings, your DPI, and get ready for a fierce and fiery gaming fight. Also, make sure that you have the best gaming mouse in the market. Keep playing!