Harn Museum: Good Life Project By: Timothy Miles

The Asia art collection area was by far my favorite wing within the museum. As soon as I bent the corner and saw this I was in awe. the sunlight gushing through the big window let of so much energy and the wood that the entire area was made out of provided a sense of relaxation. I happen to be in the room by myself at the time and I was able to just pace around and look at the art peacefully. It was very calming and took my mind off of whatever problems I may had going on at the time.
I felt like this picture really caught my attention and displayed what a good life consist of. The guy seems as though he may be in tons of pain but regardless of the situation he and his son are still enjoying life. The picture also shows that It doesn't matter how much materialistic things you have in life, the real joy will come from those you truly care about and the things you value most in life.
This wing of the museum was most appealing to me because being an African American male, my history is very intriguing to me and gave me a sense of where my ancestors came from and what they experienced. The history of African art was interesting because unlike the other areas of the museum, these people didn't have much at all but they used art to find meaning within life and involved art within everyday activities and rituals, whether it is from dance and singing or making mask for ceremonies.
I felt like this picture really caught my attention and portrayed my core values. I am a very family oriented person and believe that without them I wouldn't be the person I am today because of the sacrifices they made and as well as the sacrifice I made to stay home and attend Santa Fe college. The family in the picture looks like they may be going through somewhat of a tough time but through it all they are still smiling and sticking together. I am the type of person who loves to see happy families, no matter the circumstances.
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