Terra Nova National Park Anshul, Kris, Manar


  • Inhabited by native Archaics and Paleo-Eskimos over 5000 years ago
  • Established in 1957 to protect the Atlantic uplands and boreal forest of Eastern Newfoundland
Map of Terra Nova National Park (top), Bonavista Bay (bottom)


  • Has four ponds
  • More than 200 km of coastline
  • Coastline is indented with fjords, coves and tidal flats
Landscape of Terra Nova National Park.

Flora and fauna

  • Black bears, lynx, ospreys, moose, pine marten, caribou, whales (Humpback, minke, fin), porpoise
  • Bog laurel, leatherleaf, Labrador tea, caribou lichen, spruce, poplar
Black Bear
Humpback Whale

Black Spruce

Labrador Tea

Bog Laurel


Coast of Terra Nova (left), Newfoundland Pine Marten (right)
  • Any point or place in the park is less than 5 km from the ocean
  • Only place where Newfoundland Pine Marten can be found


The climate in Terra Nova is relatively cold with low temperatures and short summers.


The park is home to 11 stunning hiking trails over 100 km in length.


malady head

ochre hill


200 km of shoreline to paddle dispersed over six paddling routes.

Between June 15 and September 7th, park visitors are given the choice between kayaking or canoeing on any of the available routes.

Moose Overpopulation

73 km² of forested land have been damaged by moose browsing. 82% of the vegetation in mixed hardwood forests has since been consumed by the moose population in Terra Nova.

Moose roaming (left), boreal forest (right)


  • Parks Canada has decided that the primary solution to reduce the population is through moose harvesting
  • Tree planting and seeding will increase vegetation and give forest a head start on regeneration
  • Site preparation and weed control removes competing vegetation and plants to further aid the growth of newly planted trees
Healthy boreal forest (right) vs. dead boreal forest (left).

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