Canada vs the World Rajitha Thangarajah

Canada's Data Collection

Geography: Natural Resourses; nickel, cooper, gold, lead, diamonds, sliver, coal, hydropower, and natural gas. Land Use; agricultral land: 6.8%, Forest: 34.1%, Other: 59.1%. Natural Hazards: volcanism- the vast majority of volcanos in the coast mountains. Environmental Issues: Metal melting, coal-burning ultilties, vehicle emissions impacting on agricultural and forest productivity.

People And Society: Populations: 35,362,905 ( july 2016). Age structure: 0-4 years: 15.44, 5-24: 12.12%, 25-54: 40.32%, 55-64: 13.94%, and 66 years and older: 18.18%. Dependency: total ratio: 47.3%. Population growth rate: 0.74 %. Urbanization: Urban population of 81.8%, Total population rate of urbanization: 1.22% annual rate of change. Life Expectancy:total population: 81.9 years, male; 79.2 years, and female; 84.6%. Total Fertility rate: 1.6 children born/woman (2016 est.). Health Expenditures: 10.4 % of GDP.

Economy: Gross Domestic Product:$1.532 trillion. Unemployment Rate: 7.1% (2016). Poverty Line: 9.4%. Exports: $402.4 billion. And External Debt: $1.608 trillion.

Communications: Telephones: 29.39 million. Internet Users: 31.053 million.

Article Summary

" How Canada is perceived around the world"
  • " doors will open insantly" - Irene Salverda
  • The duth are down-to Earth Canadian spirt
  • Family around the world are linked and are known from different places- Michelle Gadpaille
  • Postive image to their students in education - Lucia Otrisaloria
  • promoted by it's previous political leadership, still persists in this part of Europe.
  • viewed " a better United States"
  • "Americans like Canadians more than anything"- Earl Fry
  • They look at Canadians public schools, health care, federalism, livable cities and etc.
  • Canada have develop it's own identity in the academic world
  • Canadian multiculturalism will be very significant for the increasingly diverse world today, which witnesses more and more cultural contact, conflict and exchange.
  • "Canada definitely conjures up a very positive image in our Chinese mind. We usually find Canada wherever in the world justice should be done, abuses of human rights criticized, refugees assisted, or wrongs redressed." - Wang Bing
  • Canada as a country of immigrants cherishing its multiethnic, multicultural and multi-religious heritage.


Biggest Strenghts

Canada has develped new found export strenght in professional and financial services. The biggest strenght that we can see in the country is professional experience and skills on the strenghts and weakness of Canada as a whole.

We Generally can observe the aspects that people say aout Canada, and we can narrow then down to many things but looking into it closely we can say many people see Canada as a home of immigrants cherishing it's multiethic, multicultural and multirelgious heritage. It also knowed as as a model for a multi-facelted immigrants society with many different voices and multiple forms of cultural expression.

Biggest weakness

Having an country referred to their country as an " experment". They believe that something that might succed, or might fail, like a nation that bears watching by the rest of the world, and by the americans is what is a negative though of a weakness point - Andew Holman

Overall, this article" how Canada is perceived around the world" i have found intestering points and details that citizens around the world have something to say about Canada in a postive and effective.

Canada's most pressing issue or conern ?

In recent years, one of the most defining elements of the Canadian identity has been the country’s social policies, that collection of laws and regulations that govern how Canadians live their lives, and what kind of government-guaranteed benefits and perks they enjoy.

Particularly in an era where Canadians tend to focus a lot on how their country is different from the United States, social policy is often seen to be a window into the sort of values that make Canada a unique and progressive country, though it would definitely be a mistake to suggest any of the policies below are universally beloved and uncontroversial.

Should Canadians be proud of thier country?

Canadians should be proud of their country. Maybe myself living in Canada i have my veiws and why i would be proud and would say Canadians should be proud of their country. Many reasons but everyone knows about the health care is much finer than United States, educations wise its have been getting very noticed around the world and also as a Canadain we should be proud we have free educations till grade 12 of highschool. The diversity of this country is an key and something people and immigrants look into and has been a aspect of Canada as a whole and how they are very multicultural. Canada developed its own identity in the academic world and hundreds of scholars and many thousands of students began to study and research Canadian society, geography, law, literature and language ( Danny Ben-nathan). And lastly the most important why Canadians should be proud of their equality and how it's what makes a better society for people to live and what they would want and Canada represents that very well than other countires around the world.

Is Canada " better off" compared to other countires?

I belevie Canada is "better off" compared to other countries for many statistics and reasons. Canada has recenlty and have been developed over the years. I agree and would say yes that Canada is way better off than other countires that was addressed in the article. Mostly due to the aspects and overview of the country that we find very sucessful for a nation and their citizens. In the article many people have said and talked about the country and how they affect or has done for the country or what their citizens see Canada as and mostly they given an explantion of how canada is and also what poeple have to say about them. Some say Americans like Canadians and how they try to be like them in certain ways and also the states they look into Canada's systems of how they conrol and handle certain things like the educations, health care, and etc.



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