The *Second* Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Chichi Ruwende | March 4, 2019

Ask almost any Greenhills student about some quintessential school traditions and you are guaranteed to hear about Spirit Week. Events like musical chairs, rhyme time, and Chopped occupy the students time throughout the day and the festivities only continue with sports games after school. Finally, the week comes to a culmination with Winter Formal.

Every student’s experience during spirit week is entirely unique. When asked about their favorite spirit week event, student Aidan Brewer was quick to respond. “Definitely snow hockey- did we ever do floor hockey- floor hockey was a lot of fun too. Oh yeah and Mario Kart.” Fellow senior, Cam Tan, was quick to agree, “We won the snow hockey cup-”

“Overtime against the seniors.”

“Yeah overtime against the seniors, and that’s pretty much all I remember.”

While the actual week itself is full of colorful outfits and cluttered forums, the prep for Spirit Week often begins months in advance. Student council president, Moira Cummings, and the rest of student council usually begins their spirit week prep in November. As the week approaches, student council hammers out details like songs for Gryph-Off, food for chopped, and themes for forum decorating.

From the Pasta Dinner to Mario Kart, Greenhills’ spirit week is chock-full of quirky traditions and events that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Although our favorite time of year has been interrupted by our plethora of snow days, I am sure that the student's enthusiasm for this week will not falter.

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