Ireland BY: Regina and Becca

We will be leaving from the Jacksonville, FL airport on June 4 at 7:30 PM. The flight will arrive in Belfast Ciry, UK on June 5 at 3:20 PM.
When we arrive at the Belfast City airport our rental car will be in the terminal. We will use the rental car as our transportation for the trip. From Belfast we will drive to our hotel in Dublin, Ireland which will take about 1hr and 30min.
We will be staying in the beautiful Harding Hotel located in Dublin. After a long day of traveling we will go to sleep and prepare for a fun trip ahead.

Day 1

The first day of our trip we will visit the Cliffs of Moher. These cliffs call for an excellent day of hiking and some great sight seeing too! The cliffs rise 120 meters above the Atlantic Ocean at Hag's Head and the maximum height of the cliffs is 214 meters. On these cliffs, you can see the Aran Islands and the Galway Bay. The cliffs got their name from the Irish word "mothar" which means ruined fort. At the cliffs of Moher, we will visit O'Brien's Tower, built by Cornelius O'Brien, who built it as a basis for the tourist industry which would free Ireland from their poverty according to him. It is used as an observation deck in which we can see the beautiful sights of the cliffs. This is one of the most visited sights in Ireland.

Day 2

The next place we will visit is the St. Patrick's Cathedral. St. Patrick's Cathedral is the largest Church in Ireland. This Church was built next to the site at which St. Patrick baptized the first local converts. This Cathedral is unique in that is has no bishop, which is usually what makes it a Cathedral.

Day 3

We will then visit the Dublin castle. The castle is a major tourist attraction in Ireland. It was used as the United Kingdom's government administration in Ireland until 1922. It is now a major Irish government complex. It is used for States dinners, in 2011 Queen Elizabeth visited there for a States dinner. It is also used as the inauguration place for the presidents of Ireland.

Day 4

The next place we will go is Kylemore Abbey. It is a Benedictine monastery founded in 1920. It was founded for Nuns who fled Belgium in World War I. The castle also has beautiful gardens to tour. It is a very popular tourist attraction.

Day 5

A traditional meal in Ireland is Irish stew. It has onions, carrots, lamb, and potatoes. The stew has been around for centuries and the ingredients have changed over the years. The Irish began to make this stew when the cauldron was introduced to their culture. The idea of the cauldron was brought to them by Britian. The Irish are famous for a variety of stews.

On June 11 we will return our rental car to the airport and take off at 4:20 PM. We will then arrive at the Jacksonville airport on June 12 at 2:35 PM.


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