Canbury School Newsletter 29th january 2021. issue 226

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

So here we are at the end of January. We're just hurtling on towards those better days which are on their way. Hang on in there Canbury - we're doing just fine!

The snow lifted everyone's spirits last weekend (for those who got some, that is). Whereas usually we might grumble and moan about the inconvenience, falling as it did on a Sunday we were all able to wrap up and get out there for a much needed chink of fun. As you can see from the Sixth Form collage, it was almost a Christmas winter wonderland for some of us. Apparently it's set to snow again this weekend. Have fun if you get to see some of the white stuff.

Sixth Formers, top, and Rhian gets up close with her snow girl.

It's been work as normal for everyone this week, with a handful of students in school and a handful of staff. My thanks to those who have volunteered to come in and are happy to continue coming into the building. I know it's much appreciated by our parents and carers.

Year 11 Parents Evening went ahead remotely last night, and a gentle reminder that Year 9 options choices need to be back with reception by next Friday at the latest.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Year 7

Well done to the Geographers, who did an excellent job of understanding the concept of migration and the ‘push and pull’ factors which make people want to leave rural areas and move to urban towns and cities.

Year 8

Super work from Year 8s in Art and Graphics, generating ideas for their Google Doodle designs. Special shout outs to:

Thomas for his very impressive artist knowledge and research skills;

Layla for her excellent ideas and hard work;

Angus for his continued dedication and enthusiasm.

Excellent performances at the virtual Spanish restaurant from Chloe, Layla, Karim, Ollie, aka Raul, and Angus. Señora Porter says she just wished they could all have been there in person. Those days are coming back, just hold on.

Year 9

Kyrell on camera today in Graphics. He participated well in the lesson, finding interesting images of game environment concept art and then starting to plan out and draw a level from a game he has developed. Keep up the effort Kyrell.

Year 10

Great Spanish enthusiasm from Matthew, Ain, Harry L and Harry A. Well done.

Year 11

Rhian for her engaged attitude in learning, displaying a great attitude and really trying her best. Special mention for work done in Maths, Drama and Travel & Tourism. Way to go Rhian. Excellent!

Year 12

Emily for demonstrating an excellent understanding for the sociological issues surrounding crimes and deviancy.

Joe for an outstanding start to A Level Business and producing excellent work.

NOT stars of the week....

The year 12 A Level Business students were working on their timings on answering exam style questions. Here are Alex and Joe, having been thrown in the clink (GoogleMeet jail) by Mrs Hurrell, to stop them from rushing to get to the 20 mark question. Tut tut to you two - one minute you're star of the week, the next you're completely the opposite.

Amazing work from Lucas and Phoebe - such talent.

The year 10 art students have been creating patterns (from photographs they took during their visit to Kew Gardens). They are inspired by the abstract photographs of Horst P Horst and Mrs Smith thinks they are amazing; so do we, which is why they are re-printed in the Newsletter. The students will print these onto fabric (once we get back into school). Picture left shows patterns by Lucas, middle and right are by Phoebe.

Children's Mental Health Week - let's all try and get involved.

This year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is taking place on 1-7 February 2021 and the theme is "express yourself". Otti led assembly this afternoon and explained all about it to us, which was helpful and enlightening.

Place2Be launched Children’s Mental Health Week in 2015 to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. Now more than ever, they want as many people as possible to get involved. Take a look at https://www.childrensmentalhealthweek.org.uk/about-the-week/

Mrs Branney and Mrs Davies keep their good mental health bubbling along nicely by getting out in the fresh air. What stunning views.

Mrs Rich and Ms Chorazyczewska have put together a series of whole family well-being activities for next week. If you want to join there is still just time to reply to Mrs Rich and/or Ms Chorazyczewska if you do it today. You don't need to do it as a family - you can join on your own. Why not give it a go? After all, now is the time you have the time!

Lockdown perspectives - what do you see?

Mrs Rich set her Year 10 photography students a piece of homework where they were asked to record an aspect of lockdown from their perspective. Below we have printed Ain's, Harry A's, Otti's and Phoebe's.

Lockdown photography by Ain.

Words which lift our spirits (part 1)

We've had more lovely words from so many of our parents - they are really cheering up the staff. Thank you.

As always, you have all been extremely professional and pro-active in keeping us informed. Despite the sudden changes that you have all had to adapt to, it feels like business as usual for the students. I left our daughter online this morning and it felt as normal as it could for this strange time we find ourselves in!

Stay safe and well and we look forward to seeing you in person again soon. You do have wonderful staff!

Harry A's lockdown photography.

Flora surprised by Jack Petchey Achievement Award - well done!

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us all, it’s that we are more adaptable and resilient than we had probably ever quite imagined. So imagine how thrilled Flora was last night to be recognised for her continued enthusiasm for Guides, along with her effort and her achievements within the movement, over this last difficult year.

There she was, attending on-line Guides, when suddenly it was announced that Flora has been awarded the Jack Petchey Award for outstanding achievement. The Jack Petchey Foundation was set up to inspire and motivate young people across London and Essex to do their best and reach their full potential.

Flora's mum was in on the big secret, having taken delivery of the award in preparation for the big moment.

Usually winners are presented with their certificate and medal at an awards ceremony. They are also given £250 for the organisation which nominated them for the award, so in this case, Flora’s guiding unit. However with current restrictions in place, it was decided to surprise Flora on-line, and the certificate and badge were secretly delivered to Flora’s home ahead of the big unveil. Her guiding leader says the award was thoroughly deserved and they were delighted for her. Well done Flora – we’re all proud of you too!

Otti's lockdown photography.

Watch the birdy....

We’re hoping for excellent crisp fine and bright weather next Tuesday. This is when the Year 7 geographers will be venturing into the great outdoors, or onto their balconies or simply looking out of their windows, in search of garden birds and animals. They will be doing their very own RSPB Great British Birdwatch and we are very much looking forward to seeing some of their pictures next week.

Words which lift our spirits (part 2)

Thank you for everything you and the whole team are doing in these incredibly trying circumstances.

Phoebe's lockdown photography.

House News

Flora - 300HP, Gold/Yellow achiever award.

Judging of the great Canbury Bake off took place on Tuesday, with Ms Clancy and Mrs Branney having the difficult task of deciding on winners. In the event, congrats to the following and commiserations to everyone else!

1st: Otti with her gorgeous thank you cake to the NHS workers.

2nd: Matthew T with his wonderfully chocolate cupcakes.

3rd: Angus with his now famous superb pizza margherita.

Mr Bourgi picked up the staff win with his cake covered in chocolate and fruits. (Looks more chocolate than fruits to us.)

Words which lift our spirits (part 3)

Given all the stress I'm sure your staff are under, I wanted to pass back some very positive feedback on Mr Batten's English class today. My son was utterly thrilled by it, literally bouncing up and down afterwards saying it was the best English class ever, and that he loved English and couldn't wait for the next lesson tomorrow. This is a huge achievement of virtual teaching to energise him so effectively (it helps that the topic involved MI6..).

Today in school - everyone working studiously and paying attention. Just look at Mr McGregor's beautiful pup Monty, keeping us all grounded and feeling calm. Thanks to our Bailey for taking these candid portraits.

Clancy's Cookey Citchen cooks up a storm

The return of Ms Clancy's lockdown cookery classes got off to a flying start on Monday, with her perfectly timed session hopefully giving someone else a break from preparing a meal for once! It's like a re-invention of the Galloping Gourmet - except now you can only invite people from your household to sit and tuck in with you, rather than someone from the (zoom, not studio) audience. Look it up on YT youngsters.....

Clockwise, top left, Layla, Reenie and Flora getting stuck in.

This week, join the headmistress on-line if you fancy whipping up her (apparently) internationally famous tomato-less chicken and tomato curry.....it's on Monday afternoon at 3.45pm.


500g of chicken - diced into 2 - 3cm cubes

One large onion - diced into 1cm clues

300ml sour cream - this is not gone off cream, it's actually called soured cream....

Medium curry powder

Cumin powder

Coriander powder


Crushed garlic

Tomato puree


Oil (optional)

Chilli powder if you have some in your cupboard

2 minute rice or jacket potatoes!


Large saucepan with lid, frying pan with lid or a large wok

Wooden spoon



A dishcloth and kitchen surface cleaner for clearing up the mess you will make.

Email Ms Clancy if you wish to join, and she will send you the google invite.

Last word of the week goes to Seb, with this picture of him chilling at home with latest addition to the family - puppy Watson. All together now - ahhhhhhhhh.....