Being 15 in Saudi Arabia By: Michael henry 8th hour

Saudi Arabia is a fairly large country in western Asia consisting of most of the Arabian Peninsula. With a population of 27.3 million it is the world's 46th largest country by population, 13th largest by land area. Saudi Arabia is also the birthplace of Islam which is the religion of all Muslims and also the required religion for all Saudi citizens.

Being fifteen in Saudi Arabia is constrained yet full of unknowns, because of lack of expression and the religion.

In Saudi Arabia there is no freedom of religion, freedom of speech, or freedom of press. Due to this, any anti-Islamic expression is potentially punishable by death. This makes this life full of unknowns because you never really know what might happen or if you are accidentally breaking the law, and with one of the world's worst legal systems it is quite likely that you might be falsely accused of a crime and have to suffer the consequences.

Saudi Arabia has the 11th worst legal system and laws in the world this makes living here even more restricting and hard.(countries with the worst laws)

Secondly, in Saudi Arabia there is also no way to legally express yourself without being punished by jail time or death. Being a fifteen year old myself, I could not imagine having to wear a towel on my head and a long robe everyday instead of what I want, and never being able to voice my opinion. I believe not being able to express yourself as a teenager is a big issue and because of this I think it makes life in Saudi Arabia very constrained.

In Saudi Arabia there are religious police, These police although ordered to be "gentle" are very rough and enforce very tough religious laws and morals. With these police you can get fined and beaten for even just having a small strand of hair hanging out of your hijab.(Islamic Religious Police)

Being fifteen in Saudi Arabia would be hard, scary, and unlike anything you have ever experienced. Even though it would be very different and not really fun we can take one thing away from learning about teens in Saudi Arabia. We are very blessed to live in this great country and we should thank god every chance we get for being born here.

Through this process, by taking perspective, I learned that I have many more freedoms then most fifteen year old's do.

I feel this way for two main reasons. First off, I could not even begin to imagine being only 15 and forced to be so dedicated to a religion. Secondly, being from a conservative family I can understand how it is hard for someone that doesn't fit in totally to the culture around them, to be welcomed and tolerated. Especially in the Saudi culture with such strict laws and expectations, there is no room to budge. You are either just another Saudi, or your being killed.

This evidence supports my claim because it is showing how in Saudi Arabia you have no freedom of religion or freedom of expression. In America I have both those things and in this day and age are encouraged to explore religions and express ourselves more then ever.

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