FDIC 2019 Product Showcase Check out the newest products from top fire industry manufacturers that debuted at the 2019 Fire Department Instructor's Conference

MSA unveils LUNAR handheld device

MSA unveiled the LUNAR handheld device which combines a motion alarm with thermal imaging and cloud connectivity with GPS, along with firefighter ranging – a MSA proprietary feature which provides both location and distance, designed to save firefighters and the RIT team time when they are searching for a firefighter in distress.

FLIR Systems, Inc. demoes FLIR K1 handheld TIC

FLIR Systems, Inc. is demoing the FLIR K1 handheld TIC, which puts the power of thermal imaging and visible photo capture for structure fire situational awareness, wildland firefighting, search and rescue and incident investigation at the attainable price point of $599.

Pierce Manufacturing showcases SAS by Fotokite

Hovering above Lucas Oil Stadium, the Pierce Situational Awareness System by Fotokite provides aerial and thermal views without the restrictions of a piloting license or certificate of authorization, or battery life limitations. The system can be tethered to any apparatus or deployed independently, and remotely controlled by a tablet or PC.

Acela Truck Company exhibits surplus military chassis

Acela Truck Company exhibited its surplus military chassis, sandblasted, reconditioned and outfitted with all new parts, insulation and digital instrumentation in the form of a extreme duty, high water/flood rescue vehicle.

SAM unveils integrated total water control system

The SAM integrated total water control system manages the pump, tank, intakes and discharges, reducing a 13-step process to three steps with a swipe on a 10” touch screen, accessible on each side of the truck, freeing up the operator to pull hose, grab tools and increase situational awareness.

HURST demonstrates new Jaws of Life extrication tool

HURST demonstrated their new Jaws of Life S 788EWXT eDRAULIC watertight, battery-operated extrication tool, answering requests from customers for extrication tools that can perform in submerged rescue operations. The EWXT can be completely submerged and remain operational without risk of damage to the battery or any loss of performance.


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