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Week 7 Update

This week we have Mark Stratford (Head Of Field) giving his thoughts on the Service Trial so far...

Hi, This week I get the honour of writing the intro to the Service only trial newsletter.

Firstly, I have been hugely impressed by how you have all thrown yourself into the trial to give us some great insights into how we make a service visit better for our customers – Thanks for your energy and effort! Every time we send an Engineer to an unnecessary Service visit they can’t go to an install for a new or existing customer – they wait longer to enjoy the great content we have to offer. As well as this, when things go wrong (customer, product or Engineer) we sometimes struggle to really understand what is happening and how we make it better. This is one area that you are all making a difference through your feedback. One thing that I was concerned about was how it would feel for you completing service visits all day, every day. So far, what I am hearing is really positive but if this is to be something we consider in the future I am keen to hear what we can do to make this better for you as the Engineer. So, if you have ideas, suggestions or just want to tell us how it feels please make sure you do – I am listening!

Finally, when we started this was called the Service only trial but as this grows and through your work I think of this more as the Service Excellence trial. A subtle difference but one that reflects everything you do to make this a great experience for our Customers.

Thanks & well done. Mark


  • Issued Service Work: Week 42 we saw 91.6% of all Service work issued to the trial team. Sky Q Service work we only saw 81.6% issued to the team. With all work lower than forecast, this has made routing slightly more challenging.
  • Completions: Service completion rates overall are down 0.5% from pre trial and on Sky Q Service we are down 0.8% pre trial. Understanding this will be a priority over coming weeks.
  • Revisits 30 Day: We had our first week of 30 Day Revisit data, which came in at 14.4%. This was 2% greater than our closet comparison in S01A. We do see from 7 day and the 30 Day overall metrics, that Revisits appear to be trending down. We should see this pull through in coming weeks.
  • NPS: Sky Q Service NPS remains positive and up just short of 12 points from pre trial. Super detractors are down 1.3% from pre trial, which also a great effort from the team.


  • As we move through the trial we still need to continue to provide feedback on "what is working well", "what can we do better" & What could we change to make things easier for you and your customers".
  • Remember this is unique opportunity to shape the Service Trial, but also the possibility of a longer term vision.
  • Below is some feedback from you and the Team Managers so far on what is working well...
  1. Being able to spend time to listen to the customer and understand the issue and then use the tools we have to identify problem. Getting certified information from Iknow2 also helps.
  2. Lead times for Service seem to have fallen, as customer appear to not be waiting as long.
  3. Pulling together as #oneteam to get the jobs done.
  4. Many things have worked well on this trial but above everything else I would say , togetherness , pulling in the right direction as a compact team. The desire and the will to tackle and resolve the problems for our customers, is the main reason why everything has worked well.
  5. Customer feedback is awesome and I am receiving frequent from the emails about my Engineers. One of my Engineers NPS is at 100, guys have a good attitude towards service work and enjoy being able to spend quality time with the system and their customers.
  6. Routing has significantly improved. Engineers on the trial seem to be more happy they are on it week to week.

What have we learned together...

It's really important we capture what we have learned as a team and some common resolution to the issue we see our customer have. Below are some examples of this, which I will update and send out regularly.

  • Third Party Broadband: Connectivity issues with sky boxes creating multiple 2.4ghz connections or failing to stay connected to third party router. Possible solution is to Hard wire a Booster to hub and then WPS nearest Q Equipment to this Booster. (Remember to reset all Q equipment prior, which will ensure the equipment cannot talk to the router)
  • Hard Wire Booster - Booster: There maybe times when it is impractical to run CAT 5 all the way between Q Equipment. Solution is to run CAT 5 a portion of the distance and allow a Booster to continue remaining distance. (if metrics allow, use Sky Master 3 to work best location out)
  • Flickering Picture: TV picture is flickering or not providing a normal view. Possible Solution is to lower the picture settings and check for stable picture. Alternatively try another product within the home.
  • No Sat Signal (Selected Channels): Check if customer has a communal face-plate or if there are any switches in route of cable. Solution is to bypass face-plate or switches by removing the Diplex from rear of face-plate as shown below.
  • Active- Eco- None: Some customers may view their mini boxes between the hours of 1am and 5.45am. Solution maybe to set all boxes to Active or None to prevent any loss of viewing during these hours, depending on customers viewing habits.
  1. Eco: Boxes will automatically power off between 1am - 5.45am (Red Light) While in this sleep all boxes are Not communicating with each other. (UnMeshed)
  2. Active: Boxes will go to standby only (Orange Light) and while in this mode, all Q Equipment remains meshed and communicating.
  3. None: Equipment will never sleep, unless customer presses power button. (Green Light Permanently) All Q Equipment remains meshed.
  • Q Equipment Strapped to TV's: Some customers may have opted to fix a Q Product to the rear of the TV. This can cause loss of viewing, due to interference from the electrical circuit of the TV. Solution is to explain to the customer why this would be the case and look to re position this affected equipment.
  • Samsung One Connect: These are an external HDMI supply that Samsung have designed, which can cause interference if in range of 1.5m of any Q Equipment. Solution is to move Q Equipment out of 1.5M range. Or if this is not possible, hard wire a booster and out of range and turn 2.4 and 5ghz WiFi of affected product off. Booster should be postioned at least 1.5M from One Connect
  • Wi-fi / IP Conflict: If you are finding it difficult to connect a Q Product or you get a RED flashing light on a product when pressing WPS. This could be a IP- WPS conflict. Some TV's like the Samsung curve, X Box when in gaming mode etc continually request IP addresses from router. Solution is to turn off all third party equipment which is connected to customers router. Then connect Q Equipment as per normal. Once all is connected and stable, third party equipment can be powered back on.
  • Dect Phones: There have been instances where Dect phones have caused interference when close to a Q Product. Solution is to move Q products a far from dect phone as possible or alternatively move the Dect phone if possible
  • Hard Drive Failures: Some customer have chosen to position the Q Main box on its side, as oppose to laying flat. It's important that the Q Main box remain flat, as the hard drive could be damaged and the box is optimised to work laying flat.
  • Sound Issue: At times you may come across loss of sound or intermittent sound on customers TV: Solution is to adjust sound settings, most notably switching Dolby to Normal as per below video from Wayne Alcide.
  • The list above is just a few of the things we have learned together, which Ashley and Michael helped put together. We plan to create a document which I will share with you all and continue to add to, which will help when you go on leave or a number a days off.
  • Please all continue to share your learning using the the Learnt New link, which you can find by clicking on the below button.

Survey Responses

  • Survey Total: 185 Surveys were completed last week, which was around 70% of all Sky Q Service Work. I would really like to see 70% become 90% over the coming weeks and really need you all to play your part and support the teams overall goal.
  • Engineer Driven: 39% of the Sky Q Service calls could have been resolved by the previous Engineer. Up 4 % on last week.
  • Call Centre: 16% of visits could have been resolved by the call centre. Up 3% on last week.
  • Q Swap: 20% of Sky Q Service Visits require a product to be replaced. Lets ensure we explore all options before deciding to swap a Q Product as this potentially may not be the fault, which would then result in another visit.

Pie Chart shows which % of products were replaced

Below Charts shows the % of visits that required Hard Wire (CAT 5)

Below chart shows % of where CAT 5 was used between products.

Below Chart shows by %, the common action completed to fix customers systems.

What are we Working On moving forward:

  • Planning: Claire Stewart from resource planning, is working with her team to maximise the Sky Q Service work being issued to the Service Team only.
  • Survey: John Walsh and a few key stakeholders from the trial, will be reviewing the end of visit survey early next week. This to ensure we are capturing key information from a trial point of view. ( Any suggestion here, feel free to shout them out and send over to me on an email by end of play Monday 1st May.)
  • Service/ Install: At present we are seeing lower work than normal. This is making it difficult to only issue Service Work on some occasions to the trial team. So please be patient here and keep up the same level of engagement with each and every customer.
  • Install Only Engineers: By creating a Service Only team, we have in essence created an Install only team too. A survey will go out over the coming week to all engineers not on the trial. This to understand their thoughts with just completing install work and any pros/ cons with that way of working. (please share this with your colleagues, as their view is equally as important as yours)

If you have missed any previous weeks News Letters, you can find these by clicking on below button.

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