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March 21, 2015, marked the ten year anniversary of SoCal LX’s Spring Festival of LX’s and some of DFWLX’s members were front and center in all of the fun. Three of DFWLX’s members even made the drive to Irvine, California to show off their cars (Fred Butler, Austin Carter, and Jim Hunt). Additionally, Pedro Murillo, Cincita Murillo, Chris Paredez, Kevin McPeak, Nuvie Eshareturi, and Mario Baltierra were also present representing DFWLX.

The host hotel becomes a show in itself the night before Spring Fest commences.
Fat Chance 1.0

As some of you may know, Pedro Murillo is in charge of the social media accounts for Spring Fest - each year he dedicates hours of his time (aside from every day DFWLX duties) to help push this event and on the day of - he’s up at 6 am doing what he can to help. Shout out to the Prez for doing his part in bringing this event all together!

Over 1000hp
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Fat Chance 2.0 & 1.0

This year, things were bigger and better allowing SoCal LX and Chrysler to put on an amazing event featuring our favorite modern Mopars. Richard Petty was in attendance signing autographs, there were thrill rides available, lunch provided, and aisles and aisles of vendors to make this year the best.

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In total there were 1,077 Chargers, Challengers, Magnums, 300’s, and Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8’s present to make this the biggest year yet.

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One feature that was noticeably different for the 10th Anniversary was a $10 dollar entry fee. The fees collected were donated to help Ocean View High School, Orange Wood Children’s Home and a third charity chosen by FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). What an inspiring way to give back to the community. Props to SoCal LX’s and FCA for impacting their community in such a positive way.

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As with years before, Spring Fest #10 was full of camaraderie that you will only find there. 2015 brought Mopar enthusiasts from all around the US and Canada. Each year Spring Fest begins at the host hotel, The Double Tree, located in Irvine, CA. Arriving you’ll see the parking lot spilled over with beautiful LX cars. Once the sun goes down Thursday night before the event attendees meet at a local restaurant (this year it was Fuddruckers) to kick off the festivities. This gives enthusiasts a change to take their cars out for drive in beautiful SoCal as a group, and to meet up with old friends, make new ones, and most importantly - bond with other enthusiasts over good food and amazing cars.

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From there it only gets better. Friday night is the parking lot hang out, where you can eat good BBQ, get drinks and catch up with the everyone. Saturday morning bright and early everyone heads out to the Verizon Center to start the show day. Once the festivities are over, everyone heads back to the hotel to wind down, nurse their sunburn and head back to the parking lot to mingle, exchange club gear, and make memories.

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SoCal LX works directly with FCA (f/k/a Chrysler Group, LLC) to make this event happen each year. There are hours and hours of meetings and planning to make this work. DFWLX would like to take this opportunity to thank SoCal LX, John Fortuno, and the FCA executive staff who work so hard each year to make such a wonderful event. Having people like Mark Trostle (Head of Design for SRT, Mopar, & Motorsports FCA), Jason Stoicevich (Director of the CA Business Center, FCA US & VP - Fiat Brand), Chad Seymour (Dodge Challenger Brand Manager), Eric Munk (Marketing Manager - CA Business Center), and many other talented staff present and willing to sit at a round table discussion and listen to the owners experience is a rare chance and exclusive to Spring Fest.

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The staff takes the information gathered back to the design table & board room and make our voices heard. The fact that they are willing to listen, appreciate the feedback, and actually utilize information we provide as a group speaks to the integrity and true spirit of Mopar & FCA.

This simple hour of dedication to the owners at Spring Fest helps shape the future of Mopar muscle, one topic at a time. Thank you FCA for your continued support for the Spring Fest event each year - it does not go unnoticed.

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Next year, DFWLX plans to organize a dedicated group to make the drive to SoCal for Spring Fest #11. What better way to bond with your fellow DFWLXers than to take a 20 hour road trip? Start planning now, it will be here before you know it!

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Story by Cincita Murillo

Photography & Design by Mario Baltierra

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