Drug Abuse Methadone treatment

Drugs kill the pain and relieve the stress.

When looking across the broad scope of overwhelming social problems, it is evident that drug abuse has wide reaching consequences that impact almost every individual in society, and methadone clinics are an effective treatment for this epidemic.

Drug abuse is the overuse of all legal and illegal substances, such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and prescription drugs.

Drug abuse changes the function of the brain, which can lead to harming themselves and others around them. The brain is made up of many parts that all work together as a team. Drugs can alter the important parts of the brain that are necessary for life-sustaining functions.

When suffering with addiction, treatment is not easy, recovery is difficult, and relapse is extremely common. Drug addicts that abuse the use of drugs have a disorder and need assistance with getting themselves off of them.

Rehabilitation is one way to get weaned off of drugs. Rehab has many advantages and disadvantages. When addicts go to rehab, they know there is side effects they will have to face. Prevention and treatment research have shown that it is often possible to intervene successfully in addiction. However, such interventions must be grounded in research and must also provide long-term behavioral and sometimes pharmacological support to achieve rehabilitation.

Methadone is another way to get off drugs. Methadone is a medication that addicts are given to get off of drugs. An article states, "As the nation struggles with an unprecedented epidemic of opioid addiction, the federal government aims to increase access to methadone and buprenorphine, now taken by hundreds of thousands of Americans,” (Methadone Gets Praise). Methadone is considered a medication that is very effective to drug addicts.

Many contest that methadone clinics are not an effective treatment for drug abuse. These critics’ are concerned that methadone is another substance to overuse. A article states, “... these treatments continues to limit their availability and appeal, leading many to enroll in abstinence-based programs that research has shown to be less effective than medication-assisted therapy,” (Methadone Gets Praise).Methadone is shown to be better because medication therapy is more effective than rehabilitation.

This pages states facts about drug abuse. Drug addictions turn in drug abuse due to the overuse of drugs.Hopefully drug addicts get the help they need.

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