Key Takeaways from Labs & Research Facilities Summit 2020 FROM Sr. LABORATORY PLANNER MARILEE LLOYD

Labs and research facilities have some of the most stringent building product requirements due to the nature of their business. As a response to these unique requirements, the Labs and Research Facilities Summit brings together the heads of capital planning and facilities from the largest science facilities in the US to discuss issues facing these ever-evolving and complex facilities. It is an invitation-only conference providing a relaxed and intimate platform for knowledge exchange, collaborating on best practices, and exploring the most innovative solutions for research and laboratory spaces.

If you missed this years conference but are still interested in hearing about some of the key takeaways, HED's Sr. Laboratory Planner Marilee Lloyd, a panelist at this years' summit, has prepared 3 key takeaways:

The Divergent Laboratory

The interweaving of what has traditionally been “lab” and what is the “office” is evolving toward a new platform that is adaptable and Divergent.

Consider the Environment - Inside and Out

Inside - Integrate biophilic design principles for health and happiness

Biophilic principles, bringing nature or natural forms and color into the lab, bring delight back to what could be a sterile environment. People work better, connect better, and innovate when they have a sense of joy and vigor about their work.

Outside - Safeguard the environment and natural resources through sustainable design and features

We are finding ways to be more sustainable while supporting robust research and clinical space even as needs change and instrumentation grows more dynamic and complex - as with examples like the LEED-Gold Integrative Bioscience Center in Detroit, MI, or the designed-zero net energy California Air Resources Testing Campus in Southern California.

Technology isn't just equipment

Labs are data driven: artificial intelligence and analytics must be supported by a robust technological backbone at the facility-level. Considerations like low voltage, AV/IT infrastructure, and security should be incorporated early in the planning and design phases for the most successful integration and application.

About Marilee

Marilee Lloyd, AIA | Laboratory Planner

With more than 34 years of experience in Architecture, Construction, Design and Planning, Marilee is extremely well-versed in all aspects of laboratory planning and design. She has a broad spectrum of understanding for these types of projects — from the high-level, strategic goals down to finer details of equipment placement, and is well respected for her passion and strategic design skills. Her approach is collaborative; working seamlessly with clients, stakeholders, technical and leadership staff in finding the best solutions to service each individual project.

Marilee believes that any successful project must work both in terms of technical efficiency and with the user experience in mind – creating a space where people want to work that is not only functional and safe, but that stimulates collaboration and drives innovation.

Connect with Marilee on LinkedIn or via email at mlloyd@hed.design

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