overcoming obstacles make my dream come true

I was not good at studying. So I was always compared with other students who are good at studying. My mom often says “You have to study more harder” after meeting her friends who has a smart child. But I was not interested in studying something in school at that time.
So instead of studying, I did what I liked.
First, I loved painting. After finishing school, I drew everything around me with tools what I had. Although I’m not very good at drawing now, but I have enthusiasm in the drawing.
Second, I loved singing a song and dancing. I have a younger sister, so I always sang and danced with her turning on the music very loudly. Later, it helps me to relieve stress when I was depressed and gives me the energy to try something new.
Finally, I loved surfing the Internet. Whenever I have time, I clicked and looked around any topic on the Internet. This makes me to have many background knowledges.
And when I was a high school student, I have a dream to be a primary teacher. Those things which I did when I was young made me more suitable student to be a primary teacher. Because being a primary school teacher needs to be distinguished in many different fields. Although I was not good at studying before that time, I studied very hard to make my dream come true.
Now, I am a Gwangju national university of education student. And after few years, I’ll be a primary school teacher.
I think there's no set time to study. Everything you did makes you more better person. Anyone doesn't know what you are doing makes different life. Try and challenge!


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