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The UofN uses the word “Centre” in a restricted sense to refer to a worldwide network of persons and locations in which well-defined interdisciplinary missions objectives are facilitated, communicated, resourced, researched and organized.

The University of the Nations Centres facilitate and integrate international resources and personnel from various Colleges, groups and organizations, either outside or within YWAM, to accomplish specific mission objectives. Integration is based upon an operating agreement established between the Centre and the various groups and organizations. This agreement defines and describes how the parties plan to work together on specific projects.

Each Centre typically performs research, develops and makes available seminars, workshops, appropriate reference materials and monitoring procedures related to its objectives. Also, the Centre may develop and organize a foundational school which presents the rudiments and overview of a specific Centre’s mandate. This school is not to exceed 24 full learning weeks (including the field assignment).

Centres do NOT offer degrees, but they do work with the Colleges to develop degree programmes related to their areas of expertise. Specialized courses and degree programmes related to the Centre’s mandate are offered within the seven Colleges. Currently there are six functional international centres in the University of the Nations.

Family Resource Centre

The Family Resource Centre (FRC) serves as an interdisciplinary and intercultural resource and development network in the area of family and marriage. As such, it provides continuing education opportunities for professionals and lay people through seminars, workshops and short-term courses. These programmes are designed to serve those who are currently working within various marriage and family disciplines. Seminars are offered which address a variety of counseling, legal, ethical, religious, and political-legislative issues, as they relate to the family. These seminars are conducted in cooperation with local churches, social service agencies, educational institutions, and family agencies.

The Centre offers a six-month training program (Family Ministry School) in partnership with the College of Counseling and Health Care for individuals and families with a calling to restore families to their biblical destiny and minister the love of Christ to families all over the world.

The Centre exercises its influence to bring awareness of family issues inside and outside the UofN, and will promote the analysis and application of preventative and restorative therapy in families.

The Centre maintains up-to-date information on current resources available in the area of family and marriage, and facilitates resource networking among those working in this area by:

  • Developing a resource library of books, DVDs, videos, articles and other media, as well as seminar packages that can be made available to families, churches, professionals, and service agencies;
  • Compiling a reference list of individuals and agencies offering services for family and marriage matters;
  • Promoting communication through the publication of articles, books, newsletters, brochures, and pamphlets, as well as through audio, visual and electronic media;
  • Serving as a networking and communication centre for various churches, mission agencies, and family agencies.
  • The Centre seeks to be actively involved in current research, remaining on the cutting edge of family and social development trends by:
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of current family models and counseling approaches through field-based research;
  • Networking with existing volunteer, professional and government-sponsored agencies that provide services to families;
  • Facilitating the integration of social and medical resources to the family (AIDS and other sexually transmitted infection information, family planning, medical and nutritional services).
  • Offering marriage and family services to communities;
  • Establishing agencies that offer biblical alternatives to existing social service programmes;
  • Promoting the role of families in ministry and service.

We offer training in the following areas...

Foundations for Family Life Seminar I, II

Marriage and relationships Workshop I, II, III, & IV

Foundations in Personal Relationship Seminar

Family Ministry School & Field Assignment

International Committee

International office address:

Family Resource Centre

University of the Nations

5006 Wheatstone Dr.

Fairfax VA 22032 USA




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