Sperm whales natcha


Did I see a fountain in the sea no is that YES!!!!! It’s a sperm whale in the water nobody has seen a sperm whale baby before. if you want to learn about sperm whales dive into the deeps with me

deep down

Sperm whales live deep down to 7382 feet and around 2000 meters under water but some can probably dive down to . Which the pressure of the water is really hard.Where nobody can go not even scientists can explore not even scuba divers can. only if they are coming up to breath that’s how we can see them. Sometimes when you try to find a picture. You only find a body part.But only if a scientist took a picture from the midnight zone or twilight zone that will be a good picture but it will be hard to find the sperm whale in the picture because the picture will be black pitch dark in the midnight zone of the sea where you will never know the time or even the twilight zone where the sun never shines in day time.

deep divers

Hunting time

When a sperm whale get hungry it's hunting time

It dives down woosh To hunt. it’s favorite food is a giant squid . It even eats 3000 pounds a day.

A sperm whales also eat fish, octopus and skates but the most rare to find is that a male sperm whale,it can eat a 4 meter long shark really cool or evan a colossal squid a really rare but mostly giant squids.

4m long shark


Sperm whales have 3 main predators one of the predators is their fav. Food a giant squid so it’s really hard for the sperm whale to eat the giant squid sometimes the giant squid fights but the bad thing is that the giant squid might win because of it’s sharp suction cups but the good thing is that the sperm whale might gobble the giant squid before a fight. Baby sperm whales are really big but the bad thing is they have bigger predators than other stage sperm whales like killer whales,giant squid,colossal squid and the worst humans, humans kill sperm whale for there spermaceti.spermaceti was first used as candles and after lots more! Like oil for watches !

big hunters

And if you see there are no sperm whales in zoos in any zoo no sperm whales because sperm whale are really really rare to catch but if you get to see a sperm whale really close don’t open your mouth or don’t panic because sperm whales are friendly but if it’s a fight not a miss nicey nice any more.I't miss mady mad

no sperm whales in a zoo




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