The World According To Max T



What does it mean to be a good citizen?

To be a good citizen you have to respect other citizens. You also have rights and responsibilities. Rights are privileges you have as a citizen. Responsibilities are things you have to do or there can be consequences. The more rights you have the more responsibilities you have. Some responsibilities include paying taxes, voting and staying informed. Paying taxes allows the government to improve education. Voting allows you to pick the president. These responsibilities let you have rights such as the freedom of speech.That is what it means to be a good citizen.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

While centripetal forces work for supranational cooperations others don’t. Some forces may include the trade bloc and the diversity of Europe.Having the same currency in the EU is good for the EU, but not for countries outside the EU.In America you would have to exchange US dollars for euros.The EU getting some power from countries maybe good for the EU but not for the country itself.The country might need the power if it’s more corrupt.The EU has some forces that work and don’t work for it’s members.

Which would be easier to live in, the Sahara or the Sahel?

The Sahara would be easier to live in since it has more oases with land to farm on. There are many more oases in the Sahara than the Sahel which means there are more places to inhabit. Where there are more oases in the desert means there is more life. Easier to grow cash crops and easier to grow date palms. These palms are the only trees because of deforestation. Since there is so many places to farm that means there are many places to trade. Windbreaks help keep the agriculture together.Farmers have made it easy to farm at oases by using things such as windbreaks and don’t have to shift agriculture. Trade routes can be established getting the area everything it needs. It would be easier to live in the Sahara than in the Sahel because there are more oases which means it is easier to survive in hard conditions.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource can have a positive or a negative effect based on how it’s exploited and used. Non-renewable resources often are very valuable. As they run out renewable resources are becoming more popular. Crude Oil for example, is in high demand. Countries with lots of oil reserves can make money off this. If used correctly this money can be used positively and can help the people.Saudi Arabia has used the money it has gotten from the oil to make Saudi Arabia a better place. In the United Arab Emirates, the money they get from natural gas and oil deposits has helped them become one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. If the money from oil, natural gas and other valuable resources is misused it can have very negative impact on the country. A dictator in Iraq used all of the money on the army instead of on the people. He then went to war with Kuwait getting other countries involved. Iraq lost the war against Kuwait since it was backed up by OPEC and importers of crude oil. This did not stop them from setting over 700 oil wells on fire. Having lots of valuable resources can have positive or negative impact on countries depending on how the money is used. Some will abuse this money while others will use this money to help the people.


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