Computer Applications 2016-2017 By: hannah gaffney

Why Did I Take Computer Applications?

I took computer applications to fulfill one of my technology credits to be able to graduate from Nashoba. I also took the class because my sister took the class and said it was a good class to learn different ways to complete the task on the computer.


The class started out learned all the different tips and tricks of Microsoft Office. We learned about Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. In each software we learned how to complete different task with quick speed and the push of a button.

What Is The Most Important Thing I learned This Semester?

The most important thing I learned this year was how to use Microsoft Office. Being able to use Microsoft Office is very useful in any job when needing to write a cover letter to try and get a job or during the job when you might have to make a spread sheet. In the end knowing the ins and outs of the three main types of Microsoft Office is very good to have in the back or my mind.

What Was My Favorite Project?

My favorite project was the PowerPoint about my favorite recipes. I loved being able to find all the different recipes that I love to have all the time. Even if there are some of them I only get on rare occasions.

The End Of The Semester

In the end I enjoyed taking computer applications even though I really only took the class to complete a credit I had a lot of fun with different activities and projects, such as the recipes project and Breakout EDU and Adobe Spark. All of them helped me further my knowledge in the computer world.

Would I take this class again or recommend it to a friend?

I would recommend this class to a friend, and take it again. It was a lot of fun creating different type and formats for projects. I had a really great time!!

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