Space By courey and Alba

Earth is the third planet from the sun and ,the only planet we live on. The Earth has one moon and people live on earth. This is Earth it has lots of land and a big sea.

Do you know this song? The video shows the 8 planets in space.

This is a galaxy. The big stars are made of gas.


Uranus is bigger than a plane, astroyids and 100 monkeys.

This space man is called Denis he was the ferst man to land on the moon. Asteroids fall down from the sky and we had one in 1999.

This is a website about space showing space facts.


Created with images by skeeze - "globular cluster stars messier 92" • skeeze - "world earth planet" • skeeze - "delicate arch night stars" • WikiImages - "uranus planet gas giant" • Royalty-free image collection - "man_in_space_suit" • geckzilla - "Small Bodies" • Unsplash - "astronaut american flag salute" • Cyril-Rana!! - "Mars- We are coming!!!!!" • Royalty-free image collection - "man_in_space_suit" • chuckgray - "space astronaut science" • jurvetson - "Whoa, I just won a Mercury space suit, the iconic silver wardrobe of our dreams and the first American astronauts." • Masked Builder - "Space Man"

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