1920s-30s Picture Story By: matthew Gabrielson

Women would stop being house wives and work in factory's to make money for their family.
The Dust Bowl destroyed farmers homes and land forcing them to move into different areas of the country.

Home life for Americans was fun in the 1920s. Families had a lot of money and were able to get all of the nice new products that were being released one after another. But after all of that good and all of the new products came a huge crash. In the 1930s the stock market crashed and many people lost their jobs, so families had no more money for anything. Families lost all of their goods, fun, and even their own homes. Wives and children were forced to move into hand made shacks while the men went to hoovervilles and tried to get a job and make money.

The stock market crashed which left many people poor and homeless
Farmers made no money from their crops, so they had very little goods

The Economy in the 1920s was booming. People had tons of money and everybody had a job, and people were able to buy anything they wanted on credit. A new system where you get the thing you wanted now and pay for it overtime and later, so people started to abuse it. All of the credit problems lead to the stock market crash in the 1930s. People were not able to buy all of the products they wanted, so the companies that were making the products over produced and shut down lowering the economy.

business owners were given less freedom due to no more laissez fair
Banks were starting to reopen due to the bank holiday FDR inacted

The role of government in the 1920s was very minimal. The government followed laissez faire which means government should not interfere with business. So business would take advantage of this. In the 1930s after the stock market crashed so the government stopped following laissez faire, so they paid more attention to the businesses to help the people without jobs. FDR was elected and made the new deal, he also created all of the new acts to help reform the country back to its former self after the great depression.

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matt gabrielson

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