The ABC's of Africa By:Dakota young

Letter A.) Advancements in technology: They made bow's from gigantic tree's, Poison-tipped stakes was made to capture animals as big as elephants.

Letter B.) Battles of Africa: African's participated in WWII, They had The second battle of El Alamein was fought between 2 outstanding WWII commander's.

Letter C.) Continent size: Africa is the second largest Continent in the world with Asia being the biggest in the world. Africa has a area of 11.73 million square miles.

Letter D.) Dances of Africa: The dances of Africa consists of Sub-saharan dances, one of them includes Bantu rhythm.

Letter E.) Earth: Africa has the second largest river in the world being the Nile river. They also own the second largest waterfall in the world which is Victoria falls.

Letter F.) Festival's: They own the Cape town International Jazz festival located in Cape town, South Africa, Africa

Letter G.) Goldblatt: Africa has a famous photographer named David Goldblatt

Letter H.) Handicraft's: African's are very skilled in woving and hand-crafting's

Letter I.) Famous Artists: A famous artist named Tracy Rose Is from Durban, South Africa

Letter J.) Jukskei: Jukskei is one of the largest African rivers in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa

Letter K.) kwaito: Kwaito is a type of dance that African's own.

Letter L.) literacy: The literacy of African's is very complex

Letter M.) Mbube: Mbube is a certain type of African music that African's listen too.

Letter N.) Nguni: Nguni is a Major group of Bantu-speaking people in Africa.

Letter O.) Owl House: The Owl house is a tourist attraction located in Neiu Bethesda.

Letter P.) Paleontology: The Paleontological society of south Africa was created for educational and scientific reasons.

Letter Q.) Quagga: The Quagga is a extinct species of Zebra also known as the Plains Zebra.

Letter R.) Robots: The Africa robotics network is a community of institutions, organisations, and individual's to learn and build robotics.

Letter S.) Shuttleworth: Mark Shuttleworth was the first African to fly in space.

Letter T.) Tsotsi: Tsotsi is a movie made in Africa that is based off a true story.

Letter U.) Unesco of world heritage: Unesco is a place in Africa that holds memories of the heritage's of Africa and also other heritage's of the world.

Letter V.) Villages: There are village's in africa but they are slowly starting to be destroyed.

Letter W.) Wine: Wineries in Africa Can produce wine called "Chardannay", "Pinot Nor" and "Cheninblanc".

Letter X.) Xylophone: Africans might have been The first people to invent and use the Xylophone musical instrument.

Letter Y.) Yum: The type of foods that Africans eat are mostly grain and vegetables but rarely eat meat.

Letter Z.) Zulu: The Zulu tribe is a tribe of Africa that the origin of the tribe is Kwazulu-Natal province in South Africa.

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