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Congratulations on your engagement!

With every engagement comes a wedding, which means you've picked me to photograph your special day and I couldn't be more excited to be apart of it. In the next few months, we will get together so I can find out a little more about you both as a couple. For now, I've put together a package to help alleviate some of the stress of planning with ideas on timelines and what you should expect from me on your wedding day! I have attached below a "day of list" and some other details which will help in making your special day run smoothly. I want you to know that I am there with you through the whole planning process, so do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

What to Expect

Timing is one of the most important parts of having your wedding run smoothly. This is probably my biggest advice; Give yourself enough time in between each section of your wedding day. After getting ready and heading out to your ceremony venue (depending on where it is) give yourself at least 30 minutes of "free time". I call this "free time" because you're going to want it. This time can be used to rehearse your vows, have a prayer, have a Mimosa or beer with your wedding party or any other last minute things you'd like to do. I highly recommend allotting one hour after your ceremony for the formal photos. I always like to start with your family formals this way once we are finished, they can head to the reception area and get themselves comfortable. This is the perfect time for me to round up your family members from the list that you have given me. Then I do the bridal party photos followed by the bride and groom portraits.

Getting Ready. Whether you are getting ready in your home, a hair salon, or in a room at a church, it is important to consider the lighting and the style of the environment. Windows allowing natural light to fill the room, bright lights and tidy spaces work best. As a "natural light" photographer this helps me to capture the best images for your wedding photo collection. If you have any questions regarding this section, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I can definitely help you in choosing a perfect location.

Special photo requests. Do you have a pinterest board or ideas for special photos that you'd like? Send them over. While I can't promise them, I will do my very best to capture each and every one. I'll also need a list from you for your family photo groupings. Names and who they are to the bride/ groom, and grouping for how you'd like them grouped. If you need help with this, please do not hesitate to ask.

Understanding the Light. Booking me as your wedding photographer means that you've definitely looked through my portfolio and love my style of photography. This section is aimed at pin pointing some important factors that play a part in the style of images that we will create together for your wedding day. Almost 100% of my non-wedding photography is taken at "golden hour" or on overcast days (I'll go more into detail below). I do this on purpose and plan each session carefully to work around the light. You'll know this about me if you've had me take your engagement photos. With weddings, we do not have that luxury of planning each moment for a certain time of day and in turn we end up with either overcast, harsh full sun lighting, or sometimes even rain. As a professional photographer, it is my job to capture the moments as they unfold on your special day in ANY given light and use my style of editing for each lighting condition. So in short form, photographs I've taken at golden hour will look much much different than photographs taken on an overcast day although it is edited in the same style. Here is a little insight on that in case it helps you in choosing a location for your ceremony. In photography, directional light (light that comes in from the sides or from behind) and soft golden or blue light are the most ideal for pictures. The best time of day to find this type of light is at the "golden hours" which are the 2 hours at sunrise and the 2 hours before sunset. Also, overcast skies often provide ideal light. However, the two look extremely different. The harshest and most difficult light to get flattering images in is when the sun is at its highest in the sky and there is no cloud cover. This type of light bleaches colour, creates hard shadows around the eyes and face and causes people to squint. If your wedding day schedule places the photography in the harshest light of the day we can still get amazing photographs! In this case, it's a good idea to do the pictures in a location that will provide open shade. Do not worry if the ceremony is being held in the open with direct light because as I mentioned above, it is my job to work with all lighting conditions. These points are just for you to keep in mind if you have a specific style in mind.

What I'll need from you before the wedding day

I will need a copy of your timeline once you have one established - from getting ready until the final dance. I'd love to review it for you, it's often hard to know if you're allowing enough time for the things you want. If you need help with this, please let me know. I have TONS of samples and can even create one for you.

Day Of List

Please have all these items at the place where I will be arriving, all in one spot. I take the detail shots as soon as I arrive so I can get them done and out of the way and don't forget anything. We don't want to have to chase something down because that takes time away from you.

Thank you for choosing Jennifer Larson Photography to capture your wedding day.

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