Macbeth Shannon king

In Act I, Macbeth showed loyalty to the King

"The service and the loyalty I owe in doing it pays itself."

Act II, Macbeth is very afraid

" I am afraid to think what I have done "

Act II, Lady Macbeth is ruthless have no fear

" Give me the daggers the sleeping and the death "

Act III, Macbeth feels threated

" The worm that's fled nature that in time will venom breed no for the present "

Lady Macbeth talking about Macbeth man hood

" Are you man? "

Act IV Macbeth is evil and bad

" The castle of macduff I will surprise seice upone fire I give to edge o the sword his wife his a=babies and all unfourate sals that track him in lie "

Lady Macbeth Worried about the dinner

" Say to the king I would attend his leisure for a few words "

Act V Macbeth tricked for witches

" That keep the word double sen'se that keep the word of promise to our ear and break it our nope

Lady Macbeth Why is this haunting her

" Here the smell of the bloody still all the perfume of Arabia "

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