W/C 24th April 2017 week 8

24th April 2017 - Jason lesson allowed me to complete the main menu which i had been working on since last night, i think it turned out great and i love the way the zombie looks, along with the title of the game - LOCK DOWN. Also i think the colours work great together and you can clearly see the text showing the action of the button.My only problem at the moment is the size as i don't know how big it will turn out on the screen, as with all my graphics at the moment, i might have to shrink it and put it on another page.

When it was finished we as a team were discussing whether or not to make the menu animated, its not impossible to do, and i think we should go for it, ill obviously do it as Ben is busy with the unreal. i can animate it in adobe after effects and add audio in adobe audition. i want to do it as it will add more to game and make it look more professional rather than having a static image to start the game, it would also help by setting the mood for the game by adding audio that is slow and creepy. i am worried about the image becoming censored, as the image is a little grossest and graphic.

in Jason lesson we got up all of our work that we have done for the project so far and the class went round to look,play and give feedback on whats good and what needs to improve,the feedback i got was fairly positive, and the only improvements people were suggesting was making the sprites more outlined and detailed, with minor adjustments i can improve my work.

A major problem with the showing to people was that Ben forgot his memory stick which had the game on, so we couldn't get now feedback cos there was no game to show,In future we need to start uploading it to the shared drive, and saving it to a memory stick, i do except part the blame for not having a copy, but i was mad that Ben forgot his work, he needs to realize that we need to be working constantly, im going to have a meeting with him and discuss what needs to happen now.

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