Convection and Wind

Density is how close together the molecules of a substance are or how much mass a substance has in a given space. The closer the molecules- the more dense something is. The further apart the molecules- the less dense something is.

Cold air- the molecules are closer together. Cold air is...........(more/less dense)?

Warm air- the molecules are further apart. Warm air is..............(more/less dense)?


Because cold air is more dense, it is heavier and sinks.

Because warm air is less dense, it is lighter and is pushed up.

When the warm air reaches the atmosphere it cools down (becomes colder) and becomes more dense and falls to the ground.

When the cold air reaches the ground it is warmed and becomes less dense and rises toward the atmosphere.

This rising and falling of air creates a current- convection current! This is called wind!!!!!!!!

Explaining Convection in the Atmosphere

Now it is time to show what you know:

Represent and describe the process of convection (drawing, acting out, etc.) in the atmosphere.

Half of the Earth is getting light from the Sun while the other half is in darkness. This creates uneven heating of the Earth's surface.

So what is happening to the air?

The Sun is the source of all energy on Earth. It warms the Earth's surface.

What happens to the air that is warmed?

What happens to the air the is on the side of the Earth that is night time?

Explain, in your own words, how the Sun creates wind.


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