Nicodemus, Kansas Homecoming

Nicodumus was settled in September 1877 by the former residents of central Kentucky.. The very first Homecoming took place the following year in 1878 and have continued every year right up to the present year. Nicodemus is located in the Noertwestern region of the State of Kansas on US route 24.

Washington and 2nd Street
Ernestine's Restaurant
A popular meal at Ernestine's made fresh. Ernestine's is open every Friday and Saturday on US Highway 24 in Nicodemus Kansas. Stop by, you won't be disappointed.
Ernestine's Restaurant is also a gift shop offering some unique Nicodemus crafts and keepsakes for sale. Most of these items are One-of-a-kind and cannot be found anywhere but Nicodemus.
The annual pancake breakfast on Saturday morning.
The Buffalo Soilders in formation at the annual parade held after the annual pancake breakfast.
He brings to life her great grandfather. They met for the first time at the 2016 Homecoming.
Angela Bates with the National Parks Service Staff.
National Parks celebrating 100 years.
MC Teresa with the annual fashion show.
Starting the next generation in the annual fashion show.
The serene beauty and peace found everyday in Nicodemus Kansas.
The sun rising on another beautiful day in Nicodemus Kansas.

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