Christopher Columbus by ian b. white

Who was Christopher Columbus?

As you might ask. Well he was kind of a great explorer. 1. Because he found the new land (everybody thought it was Asia. That is why we sometimes call Native Americans, Indians) 2. Because he was greedy, mean, and disrespectful to most people that he met.


Christopher Columbus was a rude, mean, greedy, used a lot of a fake happy attitude, and was disrespectful.

Birth place and time

Christopher Columbus was born on November 9th, 1451. He was born in Genoa Italy.

Christopher Columbus

When he was a kid he always dreamed of sailing out to sea and be a captain of a long voyage and be forever famous which, in fact actually happened so, his dream came true.

Genoa Italy

Voyages and purpose for exploration

1. *His first through fourth voyage at sea he found most of the Bahamas islands off of what is now Florida. 1st voyage: 1492-1493 | 2nd voyage: 1493-1496 | 3rd voyage: 1498-1500 | 4th voyage: 1502-1504 |. 2. *Almost everybody in Spain and the other countries that got cut off from the silk roads lost a lot of the resources that the indies were providing. lots of people still wanted these goods so some people (including Christopher Columbus) set out to go explore for new trade routes over the ocean separating the two continents. *1 (voyages) *2 (purpose for exploration)



Columbus faced many obstacles including, a lot of his ships on all four trips had leaks. In his first three voyages that he and his crew took, they all failed to get the resources that Columbus promised the King and Queen of Spain because, they all thought that where he went was the Indies so, Christopher got arrested for about a year. There was also lots of sickness and death on his trips.

Some people on the expeditions died.


Their fourth voyage they gathered only some of the resources that he told the King and Queen he would get from China, India, and Japan including gold, special jewelry, and some spices.Also Christopher got a reward for getting these things and going to the so called ¨Indies¨.


Christopher Columbus traveled to Iceland when he was only six years old! Columbus was definitely was not the first European explorer to find the Americas. He probably was not the first person in general to find the Americas.


While most people that lived in south western Europe thought Christopher Columbus was a great hero and he would go down in history and become a great for finding the new land, others, like the Native Americans , thought that he was some sort of god, and the Native Americans that he brought home to become slaves thought he was the worst person ever for taking them away from their families and making them slaves/servants and taking their homeland from their people that had right fully lived and thrived in.


In conclusion, lots of people over the history have thought that Christopher Columbus was a No-good, stupid, idiot. While lots others have thought great things about him. And some don´t really care if he was mean or not.

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