Project 3JXT Kart Justin Roberts

Problem Statement: The purpose of this project is to design and then assemble a working drill-powered GoKart. The GoKart will be tested on its speed, acceleration, handling and efficiency. We have wood, hardware, and the drill used for the GoKart provided for us, all of the other things we will need, we will have to get on our own with a budget of $25. We will also use OnShape to assist us in planning the build of out GoKart.

Research: The research we did was very helpful. We went on youtube and looked at many examples to help us brainstorm. Also we looked at many images of drill-powered GoKarts to give us ideas.

This is a possible example of how we would get the drill to spin the wheel. Although this idea would cause lots of friction and probably isn't the best idea.
This is an example of a possible design for our go kart. We like this idea of its simplicity and efficiency. We would of course make a few changes, but this idea overall is very good.

Design: The design of our kart will have 4 wheels and a seat and we will have our drill on one of the back tires. We will have the back two tires for the powering and the front two tires for steering. We will use a pedal for gas and a hand brake instead of a break pedal.

This is a sketch of our steering system and the angles that we will need to turn the wheel and a couple different view angles. Also we have a list of the possible materials we will need.
This sketch is of the body of our GoKart. We have some dimensions that was measured before and we also have a list of materials in the top right. Other ideas are around the board.
This sketch is of our electronic design that we plan on using with our GoKart.
This is our simple throttle design we plan on using.

Design: OnShape

This is our design for our GoKart
This is one part of our seat that we carved put with the ShopBot. This is the part that you lean back on.
Here is the other part of our seat. You can tell this is the part that you sit on and you can see that line in it is the Mortis & Tenon. That is where the other piece can fit in.
This is the steering wheel that we made in OnShape. We had to make it the correct scale so we can put all the pieces together.

Build : The assembly of the this GoKart started with the use of the ShopBot and V-Carve.

Here are the pieces of our seat after being carved by the ShopBot.
Here is a photo of our two pieces that were carved together and assembled after some sanding.
This is the two pieces craved out, with a base added to it. This base added support to the seat of our GoKart.
This image shows the first iteration of our steering wheel and the wood on the back is to support the wood. This is for when the person leans back and the wood won't bend.
This image shows the wheels added and the steering wheel modified to fit better with the driver. The steering wheel and its pipe was painted.
This image shows the string work that connect the steering to the wheels.
After realizing there was too much weight on the two front wheels, we extended the wheel out further and re-worked the strings to pull the ends of the wood.

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