Digestive system Abbey Schoumaker

Large intestine: is taller than the small intestine but is shorter than the small intestine in laght.

Small intestine :The small intestine is a strechey long tube that is ten inches long. Right above the large intestine.

Gallbladder: it Stores bill from the liver and released into the small intestine. The gallbladder is under your liver. It's a small pouch that stores vile

Liver  : The liver cleans your blood and put minerals in your blood. Do not drink a lot of Alcohol it can Long cause cancer.

Esophagus : Do not smok it cause Long causer. It is connected to your throat and brings your food to your stomach. Is attached up and under the throat.

Stomach: the stomach is a layer of 3 muscles with acids that Break down the food and liquids that you eat and drink. Don't over eat fast food. Top right of your digestive system.

Anus :  where poop comes out. Last port in your digestive system.



Ulcerative Colitis

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