INNOCENCE OF MURDER Donna Osborne case

Ethos:Due to her extensive background with popular journals and past cases, my client, Kim Lenore, is proved to be well versed in her field of battered women’s response to male violence. As the first to research this horrendous display of masculine brutality, coupled with having an Ed. D. and M.A. in education along with a B.A. in psychology, her testimony of Donna Osborn having a “psychological syndrome based on the theory of learned helplessness” can more than likely be taken at face value. Lenore clearly outlines Mrs. Osborn’s mental state in feeling denial at all of her forced injuries by Mr. Osborn and passing them as accidents, guilt in not feeling good enough for her husband and for the most minute of mistakes, enlightenment as she remembers her past, happier self, and responsibility of her adolescent child. All of this constant pain and abuse for over three years of her involvement with Mr. Osborn led her to, understandably, do what she did to her former beloved. The more her mental torment built up and the more she pushed it off would have eventually taken her to a path that would have left only one of them to be here sooner or later.

Pathos: After marrying the man of her dreams, Mrs. Osborn loved her life; little did she know that years of torment and abuse were coming her way. It just started with verbal abuse, telling her she's terrible at womanly tasks such as cleaning and cooking, then escalated becoming possessive of her. Now, not only does she believe she's failed her womanly duties, but she was also kept under house arrest by her husband with no way out. He continued his teasing and bullying, until he became violent. Mrs. Osborn kept going to their family doctor, Leslie Crown, after mysterious cuts. Deep ripening lacerations and broken bones all disguised with a lie. Love can make people do crazy things. The love my, client felt for her husband is indescribable. Love is what blinded Donna to her pain and kept her home with the monster she called her husband. . My Client, didn't know that she wasn't experiencing the torcher from husband was by herself. The actions of her husband every time he would hit her was being observed from tiny eyes. Tiny eyes that would look and wonder why mommy was crying, why did daddy hurt mommy, what is a bitch? Donna knew that she had to leave her husband when she saw her 2 year old son "punishing" his teddy bear with a tennis racket calling it a bitch and a whore. But Clint's unrelenting hand wouldn't stop when Donna planned to leave everything took a turn. He was going to kill her so as a last resort she decided to hide his gun. But the monster didn't want to take no for an answer so he went to get his baseball bat. A baseball bat that would kill her and leave her son with a monster. The love of a mother her son is what saved Donna. It is what saved her son.

Logos: A person is guilty of first degree manslaughter when they have both the intent to cause physical injury or death to another person. However, a person is not Guilty they act under the influence of emotional distress as stated in the Penal Laws Section 125.25. The life Donna Osborne lived with her husband is something I personally wouldn't call a life at all. A life confined to her home with only her husband to talk to and her son to love. A life filled with constant visits to the doctor. A life filled with the tightening hand of the love of her life around her neck. The never ending pain, that covered her body and the occasional black rose as an apology is absurd.May1989-18 sutures in her head, March 1990- a compound fracture in her arm, November 1990- a broken rib, February 1991-12 more sutures on her forehead. My Client, Mrs. Osborn is Innocent. The only thing she is guilty is of is the lack of courage to end her suffering. The lack of courage to save herself. The lack of courage to tell the truth.


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