The Married Life Antonio chew


Most people get married so that they could be happy, this is a good motive. 40% of married people say they were generally happy with their lives. Being married is 20 times more important to a person happiness than their earnings. Also, being married is the 3rd most important factor related to happiness and well- being.


Sex is also a thing married people look forward to. Married men have better and more frequent sex. This is like having a best friend around at all times


Welath plays a big role in marriage. I found that having welath is 13 times more important than owning a home. I also found that married men are wealthier than single men. This could range from anywhere between 10-40% more wealthier than single men.


Health is an intricate part to marriage. On the Maclean website, I found a cancer patient with a supportive spouse and I also found that cancer patients with a spouse tend to fare far better than those who are on their own. Patients who were married tended to live 20 percent longer than those who were single. Also, a bad marriage leads to health issues such as: high blood pressure and a weak immune system.


Children are a big role in getting married, if you are truly happy with the person you are with then you look to expand with that person. Those who have children but aren't married end up taking their child through child abuse, poverty, and the kids drop out of school. Kids that are outside of marriage are less successful as well.


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