Summer of Todd World Travels in 2017

Almost 20 years of consulting have gone by. I have been lucky enough to squeeze in some amazing trips in here and there, but for the most part, life has been about flying to work, putting in hours, and flying home. The dream was always to be able to take a large chunk of time out to concentrate on travel, photography and exploration.

Back in the early 2000's I had the first opportunity. When the economy was tough, rather than laying off their consultants, Accenture asked for volunteers to take a year off. They would still get health care benefits and approximately 1/3rd of their salary i think. I thought about this proposition, but I was already working in Europe and decided not to take them up on the opportunity. I was always envious of my consultant buddies that did and spent the entire time traveling all over the world. I thought to myself,

"One day, I need to have my time to travel and concentrate on the things that I love to do".

I certainly can't wait until retirement to hope to live out these dreams. Mai and I had always planned on our big expedition as soon as I finished my long tenure at Broadcom. But then 2 projects fell in my lap and before we knew it, another year had passed. But this year, the stars (kind of) aligned and we both have time off to travel.

The Summer Of George

For those that don't know the reference, there is an episode where George Costanza plans to have an active adventure filled summer, but instead becomes extremely lazy. He only gets in 1 game of Frolf (frisbee golf) before he gets injured and spends the rest of his summer in rehab. Hopefully our 'summer' experience will be more successful.

Cabo San Lucas

The unofficial kickoff starts with my mom's 70th birthday. It was filled with good memories of family time, and a few whales sprinkled in.

March 2 - Off to Dubai

I'm pretty sure this was the longest flight i've ever flown. (I have to check LAX > SIN). 16 hours on an A380. Gotta make sure to have some drinks and entertainment to pass the time

The flight

The plane flight was long but better than most domestic carriers. It had the usual mix of screaming babies and dudes that snore louder than the jet engines that they are sitting next to. Unfortunately, toward the end of the trip someone had a bad case of gas and decided to pollute our section, and it lasted the last several hours. Mai was on the verge of putting her fellow passengers on notice:


March 3 - Dubai Layober

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