Downriver is a story about how a group of delinquent, and rebellious teenagers that go to a camp for, yes, delinquents. They even nick-named it "Hoods In The Woods". They face their fears, they conquer their battles, and they figure out what it means to be a good team, well, almost
If you are into any kind of story that is exciting, lovey, and entertaining, then this could be your book. The main character, Jessie, is from the setting they are in, Which is the Colorado Mountains, and Grand Canyon area.
She, Jessie, has multiple problems that arise between her and her fellow friends. It is quite a ride, no pun intended down through the book, as every moment is heart-pounding and exciting.
Adventure would be one of the main themes in this story, and you could also say romance. The book made me feel as if I was going down the river with them, granted I've been White Water rafting. It surely keeps you flipping the pages to see what happens next.
Little does she know that soon, there will be an even bigger problem ahead…... Mysterious? I think so!
In this story, comes a lot of courage by Jessie and her peers. They may nitpick and poke at each other, but they surely need each other during their adventure at camp, and at their own risk.
Will it be that they get caught? Or will it be that her dad disapproves of her decisions that she is making with her troublesome gang of
Jessie, and her new friend Freddy go for hikes while camping, and Jessie can't read Freddy, but like her, he is into nature and he tells her that the Canyon Wren has the most beautiful song. They get closer to each other as they learn about each other.
what could be the outcome? Death? Regret? Read Downriver and find out for yourself!!
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John washburn


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