Sooooo. Had my first boudoir session on Sunday. One word: AMAZING!!!! I'll start by saying that I showed up and my hair was the first thing that was done. It was exactly how I wanted it to be based on the picture. Then my make up was professionally done. That turned out better than I thought it would have! Finally we went to the room where Tana has designated for the pictures. She help me go through all of my items and pick things that would look very well together. She took her time and put me in amazing poses that flattered my body! She was so comfortable and put me at ease and made me feel beautiful! I had such a blast and the time flew by… Which she did not rush me at all. When it was all said and done we went through all the photos and picked out the ones that we thought would work best with the album. Amazing! I went for the 8 x 8 signature album and I could not be more pleased… It might seem like a lot of money but the quality is worth every cent! I figured it would be a very nice book but I had no idea how remarkable it was going to be! Ladies, if you're even tossing around the idea of doing a session, I would 1000% not only recommend it, but I would splurge on the book and do a bigger one! I think this is such a unique, interesting, personal, exciting gift to give to the man you love or just to do for your own self-esteem!


I was nervous and felt uncomfortable in my own body for the longest time. The makeup and hair ladies were overly friendly and shook my nerves. I felt beautiful for the first time and I have Tana to thank for that. The way she captured the images of me made me see how I look through someone else's eyes. I finally felt beautiful and respected my body. She may have made me bend in some ways I didn't think any body could but it was all worth it to capture my own beauty! We laughed a lot and it was way more comfortable than I thought it ever would be. Thank you so much Tana for bringing out the best in me. I can't wait to do it again 😘


A boudoir shoot has been something that I had on my bucket list for years. But I honestly don't know if I would have ever followed through. I had 2 babies less than 2 years apart and I am just now starting to feel like myself again. I am not yet at my "goal" but I'm learning to love my post-baby body for where it is right now. When my friend Michelle told me about the boudoir marathon, I decided to go for it even though the idea of it scared the crap out me. I have my 8th wedding anniversary tomorrow and we never got professional pictures taken so really it seemed like the perfect gift for both my hubby and myself. I was excited and a little nervous when I arrived but Tana and the girls instantly made me feel relaxed. (If I could get Stephanie to curl my hair like that every day I totally would!) ☺️ I never imagined feeling so comfortable in almost nothing. Tana is so professional, down to earth, and really fun! I got to see my pictures that same day and I LOVED them. I left on such a high! I thought I would keep these to myself (and my hubby) but I've already shared the 2 proofs posted in here with some friends because I love them so much. Any time I'm feeling a little down, I'll just look at these pics for a pick me up!! 😉 Thank you Tana for making me so beautiful, empowered, brave, and sexy! I would highly recommend her to anyone!!


Tana, I left your beautiful home yesterday a little sore but feeling proud. Proud of myself for taking a leap of faith, biting the bullet and doing something that I've wanted to do and thought of doing for what seems like forever now. I was proud of myself for pushing to be confident in my body...even though inside I wanted to put on an over-sized sweatshirt, sweatpants and order a pizza...and drink some wine. I was proud of myself for putting on that crazy black thing that, months before, I wouldn't even wear in front of my own husband. Today, I'm a LOT more sore and stiff, but I'm ending this day with my head held higher and going to bed truly loving my body. You have shown me my own body, curves and assets through a new set of eyes. My heart was racing as I typed in that password to view the gallery of photos not knowing what exactly to expect. All I saw was beautiful. I'm still wiping the tears from my eyes at the sight of these amazing photographs.After years and years, a weight has finally been lifted off of my shoulders. I am no longer a fat, lazy, piece of shit, waste of life, cow, hoss, etc. I don't think that I will ever let those labels and stupid asshole boys take over my identity again. I cannot thank you enough...really. You've been given such an amazingly beautiful talent that I'm so glad you discovered. You made me feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin yesterday, and I just cannot explain to you how thankful I am for that. Tana, YOU are beautiful and the talent that you have is beyond what I can describe in words. If you have empowered me this much, I can't imagine how many lives you've impacted through your stunning personality and talent. You've allowed me to not only love myself, but you've allowed for me to let my husband love me for who I am. I definitely owe you some boudoir-themed cupcakes! Thank you for showing me how beautiful I am.


I received my book over the weekend and i absolutely love it! Tana did an amazing job with capturing exactly what i wanted. it was such a fun experience for me. For anyone who ever wanted to be a little daring and try a boudoir I would highly recommend Tana. Thank you again for making me feel beautiful! xoxo


I had my boudoir session and I was sooooo incredibly nervous! I mean, let's be real, you're going to be in panties and a bra (or sometimes even less), posing for the camera in front of another person! Yeah-it's a little intimidating, BUT from the second I walked into the session I was immediately calmed!! Tana and her girls (hair and makeup and assistant) are so amazing and professional it was like I had known them all for 20 years!!! The session was an hour long and it flew by!!! I was actually sad that it was over and wanted to schedule another session immediately afterwards!! The pictures? yeah-this girl has pure talent!!!!!! I had a calendar made for my hubby and he absolutely loved it and is looking forward to his next one! ;) If I could give more than 5 stars I would! She's THAT good!!!


Tana! I just want to thank you for the BEST Experience. I did my boudoir photos when I was 7m pregnant and I never would have thought it would be so fun. Tana you made me feel so comfortable and beautiful while being that BIG! Thanks again for such and amazing experience


I was so very blown away by the whole experience. Tana made me feel so comfortable and relaxed her photos turned out amazing. The whole experience made me feel like a star!! I would definitely recommend doing a session to any woman out there it makes you feel empowered!! And Tana is the best one to capture this moment for you!


I did my boudoir session last year for a birthday/Valentine's Day present for my husband. The whole experience was amazing! From the hair and make up artists to Tana herself, they made me feel very comfortable about having these pictures done. Tana is extremely talented and knew just the right poses that fit my body type and highlighted my figure. I really felt that my session was designed specifically for me. She was open to some ideas that I had and also gave me her own options. My husband loved the pictures! Seriously considering having more done cause it was amazing!


I had my boudoir session a few months before my wedding for a wedding gift for my husband. Of course he LOVED them! I was hesitant at first because I am very self conscious, something like this is so outside of my comfort zone it's not funny. With that being said, I felt extremely comfortable the whole session. Tana is great to work with, she truly makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. When I look back at the photo book I gave my husband it makes me feel so confidant. I know he loves my body, even when I don't. The pictures remind me to love myself and my flaws. All in all I have to say getting the courage to do a boudoir shoot was one of the best decisions!


I just wanted to stop by and say what an awesome experience I had with Tana doing my boudoir session. After having a child I was extremely self conscious about doing something like that but she made me feel super comfortable and we ended up laughing most of the session! Then when I saw my pictures I was so happy that I had done it. Tana knew the things I was self conscious about and suggested poses that made me feel good about my body and the pictures turned out absolutely stunning! I would definitely do it again!!


I absolutely LOVED my boudoir experience with Tana. I was unsure about doing this because I have never done any kind of these pictures before. I finally decided to do something different for a gift for my husband to be. Tana made me feel very comfortable and made this a fun experience. She took pictures in different outfits and I loved her guiding me in different poses. When I saw my pictures I was very happy with how they turned out. I was very proud of myself for doing this photo shoot and I absolutely loved my pictures. Tana was very professional and I would definitely do this again.

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