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I'm a 21 year old Dutch- Ukrainian architectural photographer who mainly takes photo's in London , Amsterdam and Kiev. This gallery will include photo's from my trips to : USA , UK , Ukraine , Netherlands, South- Africa , Russia , Ireland , Mexico , Spain (and many more).
Zaandam , The Netherlands June '18
LIbrary of Amsterdam

Visiting home is always emotional for me, not the "crying " kind of emotional but.. I always ask myself if moving was the right thing to do in my situation. Maybe moving to Spain ( where I want to live after UK) was a good option at the moment after all... However, moving to a country I don't know , in the circle of the language I barely understand , without a lot of people I know , is not the risk I am willing to take. When I moved to UK from Amsterdam , I had very difficult situations , where I was on the edge of moving back... The stress I went through , the state of mind I was in, being alone with the problem, I am not willing to do it over again. In time of course I will move , when I have build more confidence in Spain and my situation there , when (perhaps) I will move with someone or to someone. I hope that with this little piece of information I have answered questions about "When" I will move to the country I want to live in ( Spain ). So far, I wanted to let you guys know that I am still planning on moving to Spain, but I will enjoy the beautiful London for a little longer.

The Canals of Amsterdam.
Flowers of Amsterdam
Two years ago I moved to London from Amsterdam, the city I grew up in ( or to be specific : Zaandam). "Was it difficult?" -YES... Would I do it again?... perhaps.... Was it worth it? .... definitely.. Despite the fact that I sometimes regret so many things I have done, so many choices I have made .. My next journey will be decided soon as well.. I have many many reasons to stay here.. and more reasons to go ..
I decided to focus more on art, hence this photo of this amazing artist , painting at South Bank London.
Onda / Valencia , Spain February 2018

Despite the fact that it was super cold in Spain in February ( even for me , who grew up in Amsterdam, Netherlands), I completely fell in love with Spain and it's nature. I have traveled from London to Lisbon first and arrived in beautiful Onda and Valencia that both took my heart. There is a bigger difference between UK and Spain that I have would have thought initially, I can tell the country has different values and different expectations from it's people. Generally I found that the people were friendlier and for some reason , happier. I think the happier looking land and the beautiful nature has stole my heart, and so will it yours after you visit it ( or have a look at the photo's that I took).

Me picking my favourite fruit.
Kiev , Ukraine' December 2017

The Besarabsky Market , is an indoor market located in the center of Kiev on the Bessarabska Square at the southwest end of the city's main thoroughfare, the Khreshchatyk. Constructed in 1910-1912 to a design of Polish architect Henryk Julian Gay, the market features 896 square metres (9,640 sq ft) of market space.Its name originates from Bessarabia,a region conquered by the Russian Empire during the Russo-Turkish Wars and now partially located in southwestern Ukraine on the territory of the Odessa Oblast (province).

Kiev , Ukraine , Trip to my city

Khreshchatyk is the main street of Kyiv, Ukraine. It stretches from the European Square (northeast) through the Maidan and to Bessarabska Square (southwest) where the Besarabsky Market is located. The entire street was completely destroyed during World War II by the retreating Red Army troops and rebuilt in the neo-classical style of post-war Stalinist architecture. The street has been significantly renovated during the modern period of Ukraine's independence. Today, the street is still significant to administrative and business city organizations, as well as a popular tourist attraction.As of 2010, Khreshchatyk is included in the Top 20 of most expensive shopping streets in Europe.

London , UK' June 2016
London , UK' Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus connects to Piccadilly, a thoroughfare whose name first appeared in 1626 as Piccadilly Hall, named after a house belonging to one Robert Baker, a tailor famous for selling piccadills, or piccadillies, a term used for various kinds of collars. The street was known as Portugal Street in 1692 in honour of Catherine of Braganza, the queen consort of King Charles II but was known as Piccadilly by 1743. Piccadilly Circus was created in 1819, at the junction with Regent Street, which was then being built under the planning of John Nash on the site of a house and garden belonging to a Lady Hutton. Around 1858 it was briefly known as Regent's Circus. The circus lost its circular form in 1886 with the construction of Shaftesbury Avenue.

London , UK ' Bank December 2nd 03:00
London , UK' Bank
London , UK ' SouthBank
Amsterdam , Netherlands'
Amsterdam in one photo '
Weesp, Netherlands'

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