Roll of Thunder Portfolio By: Sydney JAMES PERIOD:2

Jim Crow Laws

Drinking Fountains

Their were two different drinking fountains ones for African Americans and one for White perople. They would have drinking fountains labeled with a sign over them that said colored or white. The African Americans were prohibited from using the White drinking fountains. The colored drinking fountains were usually smaller and didn't work as well as the white drinking fountains because colored people didn't have many rights then.


Black schools were definitely not as good as white schools. Black schools were usually really small and white schools are really big and fancy. Inside black schools they were crowded and their was only one long bench for all the kids to sit on. The white schools were big and had many desks for students to sit on.

The Great Depression

In Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry it takes place during the Great Depression. During the Great Depression it was hard to find a job and many perople would travel to different countries to find one and many still didn't get one. During the Great Depression their was a big drought so along with that it is hard to farm because their was no rich soil and they did not water for their crops. Many people during the Great Depression even the rich people did not have much money and had to move out of their houses.

Abolishment of Slavery

Abraham Lincoln delivered the Emancipation Proclamation in the middle of the Civil War on January 1st 1863 saying that " all persons held as slaves within any State in rebellion against the Unites States, shall be forever free...". The legacy of slavery is attempting to achieve equality in the twenty- first century African-Americans still think. The African- Americans found themselves as free men and women after the Union armies won the Civil War how're still as a challenge. Many people saw it difficult for them to all become equal. In Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry when Papa said "No" " To much bad feeling there."


If black people made a wrong move or got to confident with themselves they would be lynched as a sign of punishment. During the Jim Crow time their was a lot of lynching. In Role of Thunder Mr.Berry almost gets burned to death after being rude to a white woman. You would get lynched as a punishment without a fair trial. Like when T.J almost gets killed by many white people who think he killed Mr. Barnett and stole the pearl-handled pistol.

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