The Miller Garden High River Garden Tour 2021

I've watched the evolution of this property over the years, never knowing the story that went along with it. So glad I had the opportunity to meet Sandy Miller, gardener extraordinaire, and visit her lovely property.

"The house was built in 1908 by local building contractor and town councillor Robert Treacy. He is responsible for building a number of important buildings in High River including the Anglican Church at the end of our street.

We purchased the home in 2000 from the Eadie family. We wanted to raise our daughter in a small town setting.

We have spent the past 21 years restoring and renovating. We are presently building our most recent structure; a dining shed to go along with the garden shed, and the She Shed (previously our daughters childhood playhouse)

We have also spent 20 years establishing the garden and trying to keep plants alive in our famous southern Alberta 60 degree temperature swing!'

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This impressive house and yard captures my attention in all our seasons. It respects the history from whence it came and it is obviously much loved by those who presently call it home. With the work the Miller's have put into the place, it will surely provide comfort and security for future generations who will get to call it home.

I was immediately drawn to these lovely Adirondack chairs and the chandelier. Really! A chandelier in the garden, what a wonderful touch!

The She Shed

I don't think I spoke to anyone on the tour who did not mention the She Shed.

The Geraniums

The red of the geraniums made a dramatic statement next to the white used on the house and in the yard.

The Garden Gallery

Good use was made of the fence as gallery space.

Pots & What Nots

Driftwood as garden art.

One of the special touches I found most special were the balls.

Tucked here and there throughout the garden...

...waiting to be found.

And of course, the sound of gurgling water.

In a yard with a She Shed and chandeliers in the trees is it any surprise to see lace curtains on the garden shed?

What's Growing in the Garden?

Delphiniums in bloom

As were a variety of other perennials.

Our thanks go out to The Millers for sharing this wonderful garden with the visitors of the garden tour.

Created By
Cathy Bennington


C. J. Bennington Fine Art Photography