Paraguay BY:noah miller


  • This country is in the southern Hemisphere.
  • It is next to brazil my country is Paraguay.
  • The capital is asunci'on and the cordinets are 25-south 57-west.

physical characteristics

  • Paraguay is urban not rural.
  • the couple of facts are that it is not a good place to be don't live or move there or sleep there or eat there because it is a bad place to be and very nice sometimes.


There are over 1500 people in paraguay.
  • The world rank is fifth place.
  • The population is so small.
  • Growth rate is 1.7%.

The five largest cities are.

  • asuncion.
  • Lamberg
  • Ciudaddelest
  • San Lorenzo
  • Capiaita
my country is urban not rural

they are leaving my country because the country is not great.


  • people are starting to migrate to Paraguay.

My country is still developing. the reason why is because there population is growing bigger than before. and there country is still developing not developed. and they getting low on supplies and they could lose there country and all people (they need to get less people to migrate.


  • The language is Spanish and Guarani.
  • they go to roman cathlic church
  • they like to do sports like basketball,baseball,football,batmen and soccer.

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