Act 2,Scene 3-4 Mackenzie Green, Isabella HamptoN, Jewels Cunningham, allysa simmons

This starts with Romeo asking permission to marry Juliet. Friar Laurence has many doubts of what can become of his relationship.
The Friar believes that Romeo is moving from girl to girl too quickly. Romeo tries to convince him that it's true love.
Scene 3 finishes with a quote that sums up how Romeo feels about Rosaline after meeting Juliet. " With Rosaline, my ghostly father? No. I have forgot that name and that name's woe."
Scene 4 starts with Mercutio and Benvolio searching for Romeo.
Mercutio is arguing with Romeo and expresses that Romeo should just die because he is marrying the enemy.
The nurse and her man Peter show up and find Romeo and discuss the wedding plans.
The nurse is warning Romeo not to ask for Juliet's hand in marriage, but Romeo ignores all warnings.
Romeo tells the nurse the plans to get married in Friar Laurences cell that afternoon.


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