Aleksander Vinter MULTI-DIMENSIONAL artisT

Aleksander Vinter, better known by his EDM alias Savant, is an award-winning, multi-genre, Norwegian Artist, Producer, Composer, and multidimensional musical and creative savant.

Since 2009 he has independently released over 25 albums, toured the world, racked up over 89M Spotify streams, over 20M YouTube views, and has produced dozens of videos and gaming projects, among other achievements.

Deadmau5 called him “the change EDM needs,” and his self-made Hip-Hop/Urban videos have featured Snoop Dogg and DMX, among others.

Aleks formally divides his brands into alias's based on the many genres of music he creates.

He is ready for his next step forward, but first lets take a step back…


2009 - Aleksander formally begins his career in Pop as VINTER IN HOLLYWOOD

Debut LP OUTBREAK released and soon after nominated for a Norwegian Spellemannprisen (aka Norwegian Grammy)


2011 - Aleksander debuts his EDM alias SAVANT with release of the NINUR LP

2012 - The track SPLINTER off of the LP VARIO becomes an EDM anthem, marrying game sound design and electronic music

2014 - LP ZION released, entering the Billboard Hot 100 and Dance charts

2015 - Following the release of his LP INVASION, Deadmau5 calls SAVANT “Pure Skill…the change EDM needs.”

2016 - Album VYBZ hits #16 on the Billboard Electronic Charts and SAVANT goes on hiatus to reimagine the brand as it fits with his desire to break into Pop and Urban music.

2017 - SAVANT 2.0 began with the JESTER LP (#3 iTunes Electronic Albums) and formally dividing his brands into SAVANT for EDM, DATAKRASH for Hip-Hop/Urban and VINTER for POP


2010 - Aleksander introduces his Hip-Hop & Urban alias DATAKRASH with the Beats Vol. 1 Mixtape

2011 - 2016 - Releases numerous Hip-Hop Mixtapes during the SAVANT era

2016 - As SAVANT, Aleksander releases GET IT GET IT single and self-made music video featuring Snoop Dogg and DMX

JAN 2017 - Vinyl Only SAVAGE EP announced and DATAKRASH alias is firmly established

MAR 2017 - Production of 10 Track LP for Miami based newcomer -ToBy- among other talents

2018 - Datakrash Remix Season 1 begins with remixes of Migos, Future, Dr. Dre and many many more


2009 - 2015 - Numerous custom sync and soundtrack placements for short form film and video games.

2016 - Aleksander composes his first official score for The Black Room (2017), staring Natasha Henstridge

2017 - Aleksander to score the Insert Coin documentary and numerous video game soundtracks


Aleksander directing and acting on the set of his video for Savant - Savior

2009 - 2014 - Aleksander produces, directs and animates over a dozen audio video projects to support his music (link: goo.gl/fnmwJt)

2015 - The music video for SAVANT - Kali 47 is released to critical acclaim and dozens of awards

2016 - While redefining SAVANT, Aleksander single-handedly creates music videos for singles FIRE, CASSETTE, SAVIOR, FORSAKEN and GET IT GET IT

2018 - Aleksander creates fully animated 3D music video for #AC32018 artist ToBy. (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3AO1uze76A)


2011 - Alongside D-Pad Studios (Owlboy, 2016 Game Of Year Winner & Nominee - multiple publications), Aleksander works on the design and music for the award winning Vikings On Trampolines

2013 - Aleksander and D-Pad Studios release SAVANT:ACSENT on PC and Mobile to critical acclaim, with updates in 2014 and 2015

2016 - Aleksander develops several game concepts for future development and release with D-Pad Studios as well as independently

2017 - Vikings On Trampolines official release and SAVANT:ACSENT PlayStation, PC and Mobile Platform release


SAVANT TO RETURN WITH A NEW ALBUM "VOID" IN DEC 2019 AND IS ACCEPTING BOOKINGS FOR 2020 VIA Alex Gilbert - Artery Global - alex@arteryglobal.com

Contact: Joshua Hernandez (Manager) z@zyon.io