Homegrown, handmade Cooperation not corporation

Live Local, co-op (cooperation) store in downtown Silverton.
Display inside Live Local.
Handmade sign at Live Local.
Jason Codner, co-op chairman and volunteer enjoy conversation while working in the store.

Interview with Jason Codner, a chairman of the Silverton Food Co-op.

"The atmosphere when I come into the co-op is great, friendly, warm, helpful, and the people tell me where the products were from. There is a baker, who makes bread every Friday and he only makes a little bit because he's only able to, so I am excited to go in there and get bread for the weekend and know that I am supporting someone who lives here in the community and not a corporate business. I like knowing where the things I'm buying come from. I like knowing the produce doesn't have chemicals on it and it's grown right in our area. I think people are starting to realize there is no reason to buy products from grocery stores when we have the ability to grow it here; this whole valley is incredible, because all the ability of the farmers to produce everything. You know most of whats a Safeway and Roths is actually grown in Mexico and kept in storage units and so when it actually gets to us, the produce isn't fresh and its covered in pesticides. I think the community is really gonna wrap their head around this and know that putting their dollars into these local products just helps your neighbors out. " - Samantha MacIntyre

Joshua Nightingale, an owner of the co-op and Samantha MacIntyre, co-op customer and member

"I think this is a great step in the right direction for the community to eventually have their own grocery store. The co-op rents space right now that allows them to be able bring product in gradually instead of all of the sudden having to come up with millions of dollars for a grocery store. Is it the way I want it? Yeah, I think it's a big step in the right direction, as an owner of the co-op and as a person who just wants a grocery store that we control and not a corporation." - Joshua Nightingale

Full view of the Live Local store interior.
Silverton Food Co-op merchandise inside Live Local
Silverton Co-op Poster
Karri Schrock, Co-op volunteer.

"This is a store that you can come and find locally made products. Everything we have in our space is made within a 50 mile radius of Silverton. We take local creatives and we sell their products here and it's like a vendor system, so we take a certain percentage off of their sales but the majority goes back to the creator of the product. I think the co-op is awesome because it actually creates a space for the community to come and support itself and each other. It builds community, its featuring the people that are here; our friends, our neighbors, and its giving them an opportunity to make a little bit of a living of their products." - Karri Schrock

James and Cindy Hickman, Owners of Main Street Bistro, promoters for the food co-op.

"The store is layed out nice and it's very pleasing, its not cluttered, it's not overdone. We've been in a couple time as they were putting it together and getting it up to where it is now, so we haven't been in recently to see the new changes but what they were doing came into focus really well." - James Hickman

"I think that they've got a great staff. I like Karri a lot, she's very friendly and very willing to help out. I think it's good for Silverton to have the availability to have a co-op accessible to them all the time and that's really good." -Cindy Hickman

Locally made products from inside the shop.
By: Benjamin Amsden, Madalyn Fry, Jackson McCall, Renee Montville, Savannah Reilly and Amelia Underhill

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