The Enforcer Phone case

A new idea in carbon fiber recycling and mobile device protection

Our Product
  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Experience
  • Wants
  • Fears
  • Needs
Target Market

Market Penetration

  • 79.1% of American adults own a smart phone
  • Total amount of smart phone users that use protective cases is around 75%. (87% of iPhone users and 66% of android users)
  • About 81% of Americans say they want to buy or wear clothing/products made from recycled material
  • Lowest average attendance to NHL hockey games this year was 10,969
  • Market Penetration rate of around 48%
Upward Trend in Attendance
Tailoring our target market to the 4 P's

Four P's


  • A slim phone case with two parts; the stick and then the carbon fiber mold
  • To protect their phone and show support for their team
  • Needs to be strong and needs to have team logo on it
  • Must fit android and apple models in specific NHL team colors
  • Support your team by having a case that is made of your team’s hockey sticks that is also eco friendly
  • Our competitors don’t use hockey sticks in their cases


  • Established price points average=$25
  • Possible discount includes, if you sign up for the hockey teams club or rewards program with the pro-shop.
  • Will be slightly more expensive than competitor price because it is eco-friendly and made out of real hockey sticks


  • In the pro-shops of NHL teams and
  • Guerilla Marketing


  • We can get across our marketing messages to the target market at hockey games and online
  • Best time to promote would be during hockey season and right before championships
  • Competitors only use internet adds as promotions
  • We will only promote for major hockey audiences like NHL games and
  • NHL 100th anniversary 2017


Start up cost = $20,000


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Created By
Cameron Joudi


Created with images by Tom Purves - "Hockey sticks" • pointnshoot - "untitled image" • ErikaWittlieb - "hockey net ice pond" • morganc.williams - "Hockey" • Dan4th - "Bruins Fan Banner" • elyze79 - "maurice richard statue hockey player" • Steve A Johnson - "melting money and ice"

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